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Do you name your car?

Asked by filmfann (44531points) November 14th, 2012

Yes, this was asked before, but it has been a while.
How did you pick your cars name?
Why did you name your car?
Have you considered therapy?

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Never have. But I had a friend who named hers. (Celia Celica).

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Oh, it has several names. Names I cannot repeat here.

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I have named only the cars I liked, 4 in total out of the 10ish cars I’ve driven.

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I call my car Yoda, on account of its make (a Toyota), and because I wanted to.

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I have a Celica and I have named her “The Girlfriend” because Ive put alot of time and money into her and shes never lets me down. Needless to say. my actual girlfriend hates this.

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Toyota is spelled, and pronounced, with a T. Just Saiyan.

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Yes, my car is named ” Silver”. It’s only appropriate considering I am a horse nut too.
Hi Ho Silver, awaaaay! “Silver” is pretty, fast, and highly responsive and rarely comes up lame, no matter how hard I drive him. lol

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I lovingly refer to mine as “The Tank”.

It’s a beat up old 88 Crown Victoria. I work downtown among a bunch of BMW driving yuppies, and I just love to see the look of fear cross their face when they dive through traffic and end up right behind me. That’s right, I could slam on my brakes and smash your fiberglass Matchbox to oblivion.

My husband’s uncle has a Mercury of the same year (it’s basically the same car with a different name), that he calls the “Battlestar Galactica”.

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@Seek_Kolinahr a good name for that kind of car could also be “U-Boat”.

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@ragingloli Thank you, I am aware of that. Many sorts of spoken English end up pronouncing the ending ‘t’ like a ‘d.’

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I never have before but my friend and I have named my Volvo Wagon “The Inspector”, short for Inspector Gadget because of all its bells and whistles.

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Nope. But you figured that, right?

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My SUV is “The Battle Wagon” and my car is “Dimples, The Toxic Challenger.”

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No, but those who do i’d like to mow down & then reverse over their, by now, twitching corpse.
“Names is for tombstones sucker!”

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I drive a Suburban and man, does she ever have a big ass! Her name is Big Bertha.

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I named the car I had in college: Christine. Every time I saved enough money to upgrade the car stereo, something broke so I would have to spend my stereo money to fix it.

Then I sold it to a low-income family but it started acting up a week later, so they came to my door to demand their money back.

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Many (though not all) of my cars had names. My first was Harold, after a card from Chez Greek, “Harold the Hoopty Car”, my old Subaru was named Sue by the previous owner (a friend of my wife), and my current car is Bonny, after Anne Bonney, the famous female pirate (the car had a huge skull painted on the hood when we bought it; it was advertised on Craigslist as “Pirate car”).

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I named my first car, which was a used Toyota Celica, but it never really caught on with me. I no longer remember the name. Haven’t done it since. I have a new Corolla now, and I like it well enough, but it doesn’t have anything resembling personality.

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Mine has two names.
“Lucky” – Because it got nearly totaled less than a week after I bought it.
“Panda Express” because my fiancĂ©e calls me panda, and it gets me places fast.

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I call my minivan the bimbo box sometimes. But it’s more of a description than a name. Also, credit to Neal Stephenson for that; I didn’t make it up.

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Yes. My current car is named Grace. Or at least, the gps system is Grace because she has a British accent.

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@Mamradpivo I have two Brits who live in mine; their names are James and Rupert. Sometimes they nip off to the pub

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@ragingloli Yes, that’s another thing that happens, though not in my area. American English is (or was, before the advent of mass media) undergoing the slow process of settling out into regional dialects.

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@Nullo @ragingloli Toyota was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda, with a D.

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I’m am not impressed by transliteration variances.

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@wundayatta No transliteration. They are headquartered in Toyota (with a T), Japan. It’s just a funny coincidence.

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Yes. The name usually starts with the first letter of the type of car. Merv (the swerve) is a Mazda. Leroy was a Ford Laser. Ernie was an Xtrail. We couldn’t think of an X name that worked and we could have gone with an N name for Nissen but we liked Ernie.

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@jerv Toyota bought the rights and renamed the town. I used to live near there.

My Porsche is named Helga. She goes like hell.

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I just got my first car a couple weeks ago, and I’m planning on naming it. I just haven’t found the right name yet!

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^^ What about mangeons? :D

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No, I used to just say the van to differentiate it from the other car, but now we have two vans and another car, so I use the brand name.

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@WillWorkForChocolate While I do like that word, I don’t really see it as a car name! Clever suggestion, though :-)

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@mangeons My first car was secretly called Freedom. She was publicly called Lawnmower. It was a tiny Toyota MR2. I miss that little deathtrap.

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When I had my Subaru, I just called it the Subaru, though I did refer to it occasionally as the Sub.
My Jeep has no name, but when I had two of them, they were referred to as the Twins.

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His name is Hon. Hon Da. Ba dum chh.

I’ll be here all night folks.

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When I did drive I didn’t name my cars. Many moons ago a close friend of mine used to own a dark green VW beetle that was known as Alexander, I always thought it a wonderful choice.

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@Nullo @ragingloli George Lucas drives a Toy Yoda. ;-o

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I named my very first car (Dolly) but I haven’t really named any since.

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Always felt like I should name her, but I haven’t. I do speak words of encouragement to her sometimes, though.

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I’ve only had two cars and I just got the second one a month ago (my mom’s old car, didn’t really need one at all but she was giving it to me, and it was a reason to go home and visit so sure) but my first car I had at age 16 for about three years, was a little red Chevy Cavalier named CARMELITA! I loved her, til that one month that she had to be towed three times. Then I kicked her to the curb and moved across the country.

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Not now, but I had a supercab Ford truck with a full size bed that we named “Great White” at one time.
And I have a friend that named his Yukon the “One true truck” and the next Yukon the “Two true truck” . Oddly, he did not name the present one the “Three true truck” but he is pretty pissed off that it has been Soccer Mommyfied to the point that it can only be called a truck based on its’ past incarnations.

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My Tracker is called Kathy.
I though he looked like a Kathy.
And I have considered therapy.

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My girlfriend had

a giant baby blue car with real plush blue interior that we called blue velvet cuz it worked. I had a cougar that my nephew referred to as karen one day and so i had to ask…he said it came from the cougar will ferrell drove with in talladega nights her name was karen. That car was such a karen so again the car had a name because it worked. Long story longer…its your ride do what you want call it what you want. Not a necessity so dont feel pressured to give it a name. All it really needs is gas and oil.

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Oh as a P.S. My friend just got a car and we named it Dr. Claw – the Inspector’s nemesis. so the two cars have a love-hate relationship.

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A friend of mine (and a former Jelly) just got a car, and has named it Elle. I asked if, since she is now an Elle Driver, if that was a Kill Bill reference, but she said it was a coincidence.

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I’m going to name my next car Helen Wheels, and it’s going to be a DeLorean.

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Not this one. The previous Ford truck was called “Great White” and the Jeep Cherokee before that was called “Piece of Shit” .

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@rojo – ha! Good one. Our mini(!)van is named “white whale”.

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