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Can you help with name suggestions for my Model 3?

Asked by gorillapaws (22209points) April 13th, 2018

My car should be coming in the next couple of weeks. Here’s a pic with the same wheels and midnight silver metallic paint; mine should look pretty identical to it. I need to come up with a name and it’s driving me crazy.

I was thinking of giving it a female name. One option I came up with was “Lucille” as a nod to BB King’s famous guitar, or possibly “Lenore” as a reference to Edgar Allen Poe, but it might be too pretentious. “MÃ¥ngata” means the road of light made by the moon when reflected on the water in Swedish. It’s kind of an awesome word, but probably also too pretentious and not really pronounceable. I’d probably want to stay clear from anything that’s too punny or too in-your-face about environmentalism. The name should probably work well with it’s darker paint. Thanks for your help!

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“Hideous Kojima”

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“Angry Donald”

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@ragingloli The car doesn’t come in Cheeto orange…

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A reference to the Duck of the same name. The car’s snout looks like Donald Duck’s bill.

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“The Car”

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@ragingloli Ah, right. I’m with you now. Would make even more sense if it was orange thought.

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Oops.I just read your details about not being too enviro minded.

NICKIE (after Tesla himself)

Some one beat me to MUSCATEL

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@zenvelo “Nickie” That’s great. Even Nichole could possibly work.

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Here’s link with car name suggestions.(Sorry I’m not too creative about names!!) I liked “Mystique” which was suggested for blue cars then I realized yours is silver!! How’s “Moonlight Rider” / “Mercury”? No offense to anyone but i really liked authors nickname “Tutta” as mentioned by her in the begining..) You know what i mean!!

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@ragingloli – yep, Christine: drives herself around.

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and eventually kills the driver

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