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What name would you give this car?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) February 24th, 2013

I just bought a beautiful new Chrysler 200 that needs a great name, this is what it looks like. Any suggestions?

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Hershey. As in chocolate. :)

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First, no, second…I know, Turd gear, I didn’t know they stacked shit that high

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I should have said Shitty Shitty Bang Bang, but I didn’t…

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It looks coffee colored to me and I see you are a coffee enthusiast, so how about going with that theme.
Mocha Madness

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Oberon the King of the fairies

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Cocoa or Choco

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Rust Bucket

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Buffalo Pie

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Coffee colored… Coffee brands… Maxwell House… Name it Maxwell. :)

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Chock full o’ nuts! lol

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Really nice car. I’m on board with @augustlan—Chocolate. Milk chocolate.

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Looks like a Jessica to me.

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It’s the color of a specific chocolate. Valrhona makes a chocolate they call Manjari that has a unique reddish cast to it. It’s almost an exact match for Chrysler’s “deep auburn” paint.

“Manjari” has an intriguing ring to it.

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I agree with @WillWorkForChocolate , Maxwell, but call it Max.

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The Brown Bomber.

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I took your name and Chrysler and plugged it into Pimp Handle Generator

The name is officially:
D. Magical C. Fresh

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It looks like a “Millicent” to me… Millie for short.

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Thanks for all your great ideas, I think I like Manjari.

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