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How do you find a producer for a indie film?

Asked by jballou (2123points) June 6th, 2008

Craigslist is NOT the way to go. Trust me

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What’s the name of the film in question?

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The name of the film is Tangerine. Is that important?

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IMDB has two hits for Tangerine. But I didn’t see any mention of the producers, after just a cursory glance.

That help?

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Oh! Haha, I see- I misworded my question, I’m not looking to find out who the producers were on a movie that was already produced- I’m looking to find a producer to help me produce my movie. Sorry for the confusion

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Here’s one link that represents how many filmmakers collaborate and support each other’s work (especially through film festivals):

I would suggest researching film festivals, local, regional, international. They are a prime breeding ground for budding filmmakers.

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