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What do you think about?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) November 19th, 2012

I love how the brain works in tangents… I was in the shower and thought about earlier today when someone disagreed with me over something, I couldn’t believe this person could possibly think this way about the given subject as it’s something I had previously spent time actually thinking about to come up with a solution.

But then I got to thinking, ya know what not everyone thinks about things the way I do, hell probably no one does. We’re all different. All unique. So some things I may spend a great deal thinking about and inspecting, others could care less about and vice-versa.

What do you find yourself thinking about throughout the day when you’re alone? Do you spend a lot of time thinking introspectively? Or do you think more about current events? What sorts of events? World issues, sports, or just daily life? Do you think about the future a lot? The past? Or do you spend more time living in a world of fantasy and imagination?

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I gravitate to thoughts about human nature and the workings of the mind.

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I think in multiple worlds with different versions of myself in different situations…
I also think a lot about the future and past, but I need to work on thinking in the present.
I think a lot about myself (not in a narcissistic sort of way).

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I think I think in a very visual way – I see the people and stuff like that. That’s my thoughts that are visual, not my feelings. What do I think about? I hardly know that myself. I think about dreams, people, a lot of my thought are unfortunately worries. And then I think about a lot of other stuff that I don’t feel like mentioning.

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Oh man, that’s a tough one to nail down. My brain never stops, I am always thinking about something. I’m pretty sure I asked a question here, at some point in the past, asking if others felt the same – if we are all constantly thinking about something.
I do tend to spend a lot of time thinking about myself, in the sense that I am always seeking solutions to my problems, trying to figure out how to improve and overcome, and I also spend a lot of time speculating what others are thinking/do think about me.
Until something else catches my attention, and then I run with that for a while.
Some days I get so much in my head that I have to just let it out on someone. I talk too much, my best friends are very good listeners. :)

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Humour, my kids, the mrs, sport, random stuff & more random shit.

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I think about things I want to get accomplished.
I think of things that are worrying me.
I think about random things that come up.

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I can see the sensors vs. the intuitives here. Practical vs. head in the clouds. lol
I am with @thorninmud mostly I think about the meaning of life, the psychology of others, lots of theoretical and abstract musings, seeing connections that others often miss. I have also been thinking about how fucked it is that this economy has wiped out most of my savings and I am feeling stressed about losing my safety net.

OTOH, being the carefree, laid back type, I don’t let things get me down for long and tend to see life as a big adventure.
Humor is another biggy for me as well. I am always laughing at myself and my thoughts.
I like the Eleanor Roosevelt quote….Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events and mediocre minds talk about people.

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I think about a lot of random things, and I tend to find I think more about the future than the past. Whether that’s in the form of looking forward to something good, or worrying about something bad, also varies.

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I also like to think about renegade black holes. Takes care of retirement worries. Poof gone in 60 seconds, or less. Talk about the collapse of the economy. lol

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@Coloma What’s your MBTI type?

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@Aesthetic_Mess ENTP female. We’re a horse of a different color no doubt. lol ;-)

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@Aesthetic_Mess I was going to ask. I love the NT types, the best blend for me. :-)

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While alone and not interacting on the internet and not watching TV, just alone with my own thoughts I tend to think about what I should do next with my life. I haven’t worked in a few years, and probably should do something. I also think about whatever I need to do in the short term and organize it in my head. Things like errands, and plans for the car club for which I am the social chairperson, what dinners to make for my husband. Basic nonsense I guess. I also have random moments of feeling good…no pain, feel energetic, appreciate the sunshine…those moments I try to drag out.

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What I need to do next in order not to completely sink in grad school.
My dead heroes.
Beautiful men.
Whether I’ve been nice or an asshole to people.
Which direction my blood sugar is likely to be going. Whether I get to eat or sleep soon.
How young and ancient I feel, all the time.
Oh yes, Sex.

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mmmmm, that feels good, can I get it a little bit hotter… there any shampoo left or will I have to get out of the shower again…....shall I use the conditioner or not…....mmmmmmm….I don’t want to get out.

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@Coloma That’s one of my favorite quotes :)

@Aesthetic_Mess Cool, I’m INTJ as well.

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I think about everything and nothing. Me, people, me in relation to people, people in relation to me, human nature, society, ideas, new information, old information, old information in light of new information, new information in light of old information. Health, world problems, fanatasy and books, stories, body langauge, words. Perspective, intangibles, viscous thoughts, crisp thoughts, sometimes I see them, sometimes I try to hold them close, often I want to forget them. I think in circles, squares, lines, tangents, amorphically, I think about thoughts I must remember to think about later.

I think about beauty, ugliness, right and wrong, morals and precepts. And I think about primal things, things I don’t understand. And sex.

I exhaust myself and sometimes wish I could find a way to switch it off. To stop thinking. Often I think I spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing.

Haha… I just started and couldn’t stop for a bit… Stopping now.

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@rosehips LOL yep, the wheels on the brain bus go round and round. lol

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I think about what I want to carve next and where can I find some good timber. I think about the paintings I want to do. Occasionally one of those horrible thoughts about vacuuming or washing sneaks in, but I am pretty good about getting rid of it quickly. I think about the beauty of this country how it goes from lush green to red desert back to lush green. I think about the blueness of the sky and the amazing trees. I think about my crazy dogs’ antics, I think about my crazy husband’s antics (I hope I put the apostrophes in the right place)I think about winning the 30 million lottery, then I usually fall asleep.

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I think about whatever needs thinking about at the time. My brain does not work like most people’s. I don’t think about what I’m thinking about. I just think. Sometimes I think about thinking, but that’s in an observational kind of way.

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My brain never shuts down and it’s never worse than in the dead of night when every other living thing is sound asleep.

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@kitszu yeaaaa same here, something like this

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that’s It exactly! I love it, lol.(that was for ‘uberbatman’. how do you respond ”@” someone?)

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Just now I was thinking…” I smell cat shit!” lol Yep, sure enough someone missed the litter box and left a nice triple tootsie roll on the garage floor. At least the litter boxes are in the garage. Gak!

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@kitszu Just use the @ symbol on your keyboard and a window with a list of current contributors to the Q. will show up in the bottom left corner of your screen. Then…just click on the name you wish to address after your @. BTW…welcome to fluther.

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@Coloma Cool. Thank you and Thank you.

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I think about complicated things then try to make them simple.

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