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Appearances can be deceiving?

Asked by kitszu (1326points) November 19th, 2012

It’s in our nature to form ideas about who someone is based on our impression of what they look like. “Who” and “What” are the operative words here. I want to run a little experiment. Profile me. Tell me what kind of person you think I am, what kinds of hobbies I have, what kind of music you think I do and don’t like to listen to. What kind of job you think I have, what type of people I hang out with. Whatever comes to mind.

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Well profiling has it’s limitations and is often inaccurate.

But wth I like a challenge. And it is a challenge since I haven’t interacted with you, seen body langauge, seen more then a tiny close up and haven’t seen a lot of your answers.

But I would say you are very thoughtful, tending more to the dark side, generally have a sardonic sense of humor.

You probably are have friends average friends that you put on a face for bubbly and sassy and sometimes you buy into it.

Mostly you are still exploring and feel like a misfit. This question tells me you feel misunderstood and prejudged to fit your pretty face.

You are probably intelligent but you feel underwhelmed in current environment. And searching for your path.

That’s all i got. Here is where you tell me I am full o shit. : )

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First glance gives me the impression that you’re a dark, brooding Nihilist, so my guess is that you’re a cheerleader at Notre Dame and your favorite artist is Justin Bieber. ;-o

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@rosehips But if I told you to go to hell, who else would bother answering? I do appreciate you having put some thought into it though.

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Hmm GQ! You don’t take nonsense from anyone, and have a sharp tongue if annoyed.Your very curious about all sorts of things, and also don’t take the rules and morals dished out by society because you are a thinker. You sort of make your own rules. Your fiercely loyal, and will fight for a cause. You love animals and probably saved small birds when you were small.

You seem very social but you do have anxieties at a party for example. So you cover it up by being a little louder and more fun than the rest. You have a thing about nice hair, and nice hair products, you have also tried natural oil treatments in yours.

You are also creative but prefer gritty art to pretty art.

I have no idea where this came from lolol.

Now you can write one about my “picture” haha

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@Brian1946 An excellent choice, “nihilistic” is my favorite word to misuse.

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@Shippy You were right about saving birds anyway.

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@kitszu You’re gentle and sweet, but you’ve been hurt some time in the past and you are very defensive. You’re curious and like to explore things. You are creative, and don’t mind pushing the edge at all. Your musical tastes are all over the board except pop. I’m getting you work in finance of some type but hate it.

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We’’; I’m a glutton for punishment, especially when it’s meted out by someone as attractive as you, so I’ll take a blind stab at defining you. As I do so, I am going to avoid the fortune teller’s ruse of just listing a bunch of traits anyone would like to hear attached to them. Here goes:

You like to question things. You are fascinated by the divide between our perceptions and objective reality. You’re somewhat skeptical of our ability to even connect to objective reality. You welcome a healthy debate but do not brook foolishness in such exchanges. You find fascination and error in Eastern philosophy, but the error you find there doesn’t inhibit your studying it and learning from that study.

How much trouble am I in? Oh, and since this is our first encounter here, welcome to Fluther.

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I think you are young, probably 20’s with few hobbies. I would guess you are into modern music that I’m not too familiar with. Your job could be anything but I will guess it is art related. You could be working behind the scenes in a theatre but on the other hand you could be flipping burgers or you might be a trainee lawyer.

You are an independent thinker and you are eager to learn other people’s opinions so you can further develop your own. You are strong willed and forceful and will always defend what you think is right. You are a leader rather than a follower and you can be quite impulsive at times. People find you charismatic.

I imagine you dress in black clothes and are a vegetarian. Your favourite colour is purple and your special number is 13.

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You were born in the middle of a corn field and raised by owls. You can speak seven different varieties of animal, but for some reason, can only write English. You were once trapped in a belfry for seven days. You lived on bats and spider eggs.

At the age of five, you were adopted by a giant centipede, and were taught the skills divining the future from ancient typewriter keys. This was how you learned to type. You knew I was going to say this.

You are reluctant to let people know the truth of your background because it seems kind of weird. But your experience of being isolated from humans for most of your early life makes you crave their company. You seek love. Who doesn’t? But you don’t believe in it, really. You want to. You have secret hopes. But….

And you always carry your lucky ampersand key in your shoe, and have so gotten used to it that you never even notice the crease in your foot that runs from heel to between first and second metatarsal, counting from the left.

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Based on your fluther profile and photo, you are a brooder with plucked eyebrows and dark hair.

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@rooeytoo Well I’m not a cave woman, of course I pluck my eyebrows. My hair is dark. You got all of this from my picture and my profile? Impressive.

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Well I’m not a cave woman, of course I pluck my eyebrows.

I’m sorry to read that. ;-)

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@wundayatta Your answer has just been the closest one yet, lol. I was born in a tree hollow and raised by foxes. I speak 13 different creature languages but they wouldn’t make any sense if I tried to type them. Actually, it was the bats that rescued me from the giant centipede who kept me as a slave to keep his 100 something feet clean. The bats fed me (though not on spider eggs because at the time they had established a truce). It was the spiders that taught me to type. Except for a few misplaced details, you are spot on. :)

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@kitszu Would it be fair to say you have a vivid sense of whimsy and are somewhat self absorbed?

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@ETpro Absolutely no trouble at all. :) Thank you for giving a thoughtful response (that said dear, flattery will get you no where with me ;)

I am curious what the impetus for your second comment is though. “Would it be fair to say you have a vivid sense of whimsy and are somewhat self absorbed?”

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@kitszu see I was right, you take no nonsense for anyone and have a sharp tongue!! :P

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@kitszu – indeed I did, your profile and photo are very revealing.

I never pluck my eyebrows, does that make me a cave woman??? Depending on where the cave is, I might like that. In Coober Pedy almost everyone lives in a cave but it is too far from anywhere to suit me, but there might be somewhere else.

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@kitszu Any flattery I give here is genuine. I am married, faithful, and not trying to get anywhere with you other than coming to know and value you as a new member.

Why might I think you have a vivid sense of whimsy? This claim ought to offer a clue.

Asking a whole question all about yourself leads me to the second conclusion. I can be just as sharp tongued as you pride yourself in being, and therein ought to lie a clue that whatever flattery I dole out is sincere and not some attempt to curry favor for my own selfish interests.

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I loved this question I am sad more people didn’t give it a bash. Because yes, we are deceived by how people look. People with symmetrical faces and so on, are perceived more attractive. Therefore get better jobs, lighter prison sentences and goodness knows what else.

They are also perceived to be more mentally stable. Not sure how that works.

Of course no one can read anything from your photo. You could have uploaded a different one, smiling for example and people would have probably said you are friendly. Outgoing and extroverted. I smile a lot but I am none of those things.

In real life though we also have things like none verbals cues. Maybe you twitch a lot, pull at your hair. Then I would assume you are a nervous person. Or perhaps you have smirk on your face most the time we talk so I would then assume you are a bitchy odd person.

But we are hit by media images daily, so this is even more interesting that I first thought. For example, we buy things from people on websites with their photos on. Whether is is Grandma’s apple pie from the nice granny photo or we decided to buy a subscription from a Porn site, with Bonny Bustier.

I do know though from the comments that ensued later, with @ETpro and yourself you are often flattered by men and find this annoying (for some reason). That in itself is interesting.

So all in all, I give the prize to @rooeytoo as she rather “tongue in cheek” said she can tell you have plucked eyebrows etc., from the picture. Because really that is all we can tell.

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You have an eerie, ethereal look and I suspect you are a ghost from the old south. Doomed to forever wander the misty swamps seeking retribution for your tragic demise after being burned as a voodoo doll making witch. lol

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@Shippy You’re the only one who took the real “bait”. I’m sad more people didn’t. The whimsical answers were fun, the literal, thoughtful ones were interesting and no one bashed the question itself, just me for asking it. shrug

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