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Music that moves you, can you give us 3 examples?

Asked by fremen_warrior (5492points) November 20th, 2012

I want to know what kind of music you would like playing in the background (i.e. what would be the soundtrack for your life). What tunes make you happy, put you into an elevated state, and what is it about them that is so incredible? Pick 3 representative songs and link them here.

The reason I’m asking you this is I am always looking for new musical horizons and I am sure many of you listen to some amazing stuff I haven’t even heard of, so let’s hear it! I think we can all use some audio inspiration every once in a while ;-)

I’ll start with 3 ‘songs’ that make me into a baaad mofo xD

1) The Budos Band – Raja Haje (makes me feel like I’m in a ‘70s action flick)
2) TLM – My Soul Is Burning With You (did I ever mention I like electro/synths? xD)
3) Killer suits – game music from Max Payne 1 (hey don’t laugh, it’s good music :P)

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1) The Wild Rover – The Story of me life. And this kind of music appeals to me.
2) In My Life (Beatles) – When I am feeling melancholy.
3) The Internet is for Porn (Avenue Q) – No explanation required. XD

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Seed by the Afrocelts (This song in particular, and my best friend, whom it reminds me of, has saved me from many meltdowns and freak-outs. One of my favorite fusion groups ever. They have more upbeat/electronic sounding stuff, but this is one of their more mellow songs.)

Lève-toi et rap [Get up and rap] by MC Solaar (Makes me feel like a badass, not just because of the beat, but because the lyrics are about studying hard, improving yourself, and fuck the haters, haha. A very accessible song by the MASTER of French rap.)

Rough Sex by the Lords of Acid (Because I wish it were still 1991 most of the time…I love breakbeats and industrial/house, and this song is just hilarious. Plus it has an inspiring message!)

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Three entirely different genres.

Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, 2nd Movement, which you may remember from the recent movie, The King’s Speech. It captures an inexorable progress to higher, more exalted visions of reality that inspires me to keep on keeping on.

Paul Robeson singing Old Man River from the original 1936 play, Showboat. It’s the deepest understanding of the mystery of time I’ve ever heard expressed in such everyman terms.

Pink Floyd’s Shine on You Crazy Diamond, a stirring tribute to Syd Barret, an original and brilliantly creative member of the band who fell into mental illness, was hospitalized, and sat with a catatonic stare. The song manages to celebrate the good of a life seemingly lost all too early.

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The Story by Brandi Carlile because the words capture how I feel about my relationship.

Spoonful by Howlin’ Wolf becuase if there was one soundtrack for my life, it would be the blues, which ironically make me feel good.

Four Seasons by Vivaldi because classical music takes me t exalted places.

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Tibetian Monks throat singing.

Everything Mozart wrote for the French horn.

Everything Mozart wrote for the clarinet.

This sui-generis Finnish folk song

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Danzig, Under Her Black Wings
It’s really hard to pick just one Danzig tune, but this is the one I was humming to myself this morning, so here it is. I can’t say exactly what it is about Danzig that I love so much… it just, as you say, moves me.

Enigma: Gravity of Love
Same as above. When I’m listening to Enigma I feel… prettier, sexier. It changes how I feel about myself. Which is nice.

Katatonia: Soil’s Song
There isn’t a song by Katatonia that I don’t love (first album aside… I’m not a huge fan of black metal), but this one in particular is amazing.

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“Jesse” by Janis Ian plays into my primal sense of loss and abandonment.

“Outward Bound” by Tom Paxton makes me think of my Dad.

And I’d go with either “The Brandenburg Concertos” or like @marinelife “The Four Seasons” for perfection in music.

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Music that moves me happens to be whatever music fits with my mood at the time. I have had a few songs kicking around my head recently:

Mogwai, Ex-Cowboy (or May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door)

Swans, My Birth

Wye Oak, cover of Danzig’s Mother

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Gnossienne 3 : Satie

Crystal Silence : Chick Corea

Women of Ireland : Sean O’Riada

They are all a bit wistful and sad.

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Music always has a special place within me. It sets my mood. It tells a story.

link I won’t give up by Jason Mraz. My SO sent me this song to remind me that he won’t give up on us, even when things get difficult. I like to listen to this song for strength when times are tough and i can’t be with him. He is so strong and wish i could be ½ as strong!

link I can see clearly now by Jimmy Cliff. This song always seems to play when i am going through a difficult time. This song gives me hope and things always seem to work out as they should.

I can’t think of a 3rd song at the moment. I’ll have to come back to it later.

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@flutherother So funny, I read that and was going to suggest Joanie Madden’s version of Women of Ireland, and it turns out you linked to a Youtube of her version!

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And @tom_g

No. Just no. Hipster girl isn’t banging heads with any little girl’s father. Hipster girl doesn’t get to take that song. No.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – While that song (her version) has been in my mind lately, I have to admit that part of the reason I posted it was that I thought it might elicit a strong, negative response from you. :) Is that considered a friendly troll?

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This is How We Walk on the Moon makes me feel sad, and happy, and hopeful, and I thnk it is an amazing song. I want it played at my memorial service if they have one for me.
I Feel My Stuff by David Byrne & Brian Eno is what I listen to to get up from a depressed mood and tell the voice in my head to fuck off.
Machine Gun by Jimi with Band of Gypsys gets me wet. It’s a problem when it comes on the radio.

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I’ve Got The World On A String by Frank Sinatra. Just a God Pounding great song. It reminds me how lucky I am to have such a fantastic family.

In The Fade by Queens Of The Stone Age. This is my favorite song by my favorite band. The perfect fade out song for any situation.

The Blarney Stone by Ween. Best. Drinking. Song. Ever.

@gailcalled . . . Toinen erinomainen juomalaulu.

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Sorry by Maria Mena.
Like We Used To by A Rocket To The Moon.
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett. Everything by Joan Jett…

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@AshLeigh I rode in an elevator with Joan Jett.

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@Adirondackwannabe, I think you told me that once, when I mentioned how I was going to touch her butt!
I love her songs. :)

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@AshLeigh You see her in person you won’t be thinking about touching her butt. She looks like she could eat a can and spit tacks. That’s one tough lady. Her band guys are toothpicks.You could take them.:)

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@Adirondackwannabe, I think if I asked nicely she would let me touch her butt.

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Well when you put it like that she’d have to take care of her fanbase.

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I’ll have to come up with the other two tomorrow but for now I have to include this:

The Waterboys The Whole of the Moon
Hard to explain exactly what this music does for me but it is definitely the music I want played at my funeral, it moves me hugely.

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@Seek_Kolinahr If you like Gravity of Love, listen sometime to Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

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Three utterly different examples out of many possible:

•  The slow part of Offenbach’s overture to ‘Orpheus in the Underworld,’ from about 4:40 to 7:37 (don’t stop before the full-orchestra reprise at 6:30), before it launches into the ever-so-familiar “Can-Can.” To me this is the sound of longing and homesickness, nowhere better expressed. I don’t know what it’s meant to depict, but this is what it sounds like to me.

•  ‘The Freshmen,’ (The Verve Pipe). Youth and tragedy.

•  ‘The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves’ (Va, pensiero) from Verdi’s opera Nabucco. Love and loss of homeland. Just beautiful.

Ok, and just one more, to form the fourth point of the compass:

•  Joan Baez singing Bob Dylan’s lovely ‘Forever Young.’ In some way, they both always will be. And I’ve always loved both of them.

They aren’t what I listen to for an uplifting mood—but moving, yes.

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Can I add ‘Dansen Aan Zee’?

@gailcalled, I love your Finnish folk song.

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@tom_g – Ha ha, you dork. Seriously, though, I’m the first to tout the merits of a great cover, but that one was really, REALLY bad.

@ETpro I love Carl Orff. You’ve linked to my ringtone. ^_^

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@Jeruba:—-Did you know that Baez and Dylan were an item for several years?—

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Why, yes, I did.

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I ask because I learned of this only while watching a recent PBS retrospective of the folk singer movement in the early 60’s. I was raising small kids then and really out of things.

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I’ve read two or more biographies of each of them and several narratives of the time and the personalities, such as this one, which dwells on the details. I attended one of her concerts in Boston in about 1963, when she was a big name and he was nobody and she brought him onstage and introduced him; she basically launched his career. It was clear from some point early on that their relationship was more than casual.

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With my son home for the holidays this song is playing over and over in my head.

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I’m addicted to this tune for no particular reason!

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@Jeruba : Wow, I haven’t thought of “The Freshmen” for years. It’s a good one, but I daren’t listen to it right now!

@filmfann: Girlfriend is Better is such a great jam :D

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Grateful Dead – Terrapin Station
Paul Simon too many to choose but the Christmas one is awesome Gettin Ready

Clair de Lune

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I found my 3rd song that moves me.
link The Christmas Shoes by Newsong

OMG it is so incredibly touching that I can’t help but get tears in my eyes and then I start crying! The song is called The Christmas Shoes by Newsong. The chorus is song by some little cherubs with beautiful voices.

Its about at little boy who goes to buy his Momma some special shoes for Christmas before she dies. Its absolutely beautiful!

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