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Would anyone like to participate in this self-assessment of happiness?

Asked by ameliaclare (61points) February 25th, 2017

Starting in May, I am going to write down every little thing that makes me absolutely gleeful for one year. I want to discover what it is in my life that specifically makes me really happy. The only rules are this: no event is too small to be counted, and we can’t write down anything that makes us anything but purely happy. I figured it might be cool if I had some people doing it with me! We could share experiences at the end and analyse our happiness in order to live a more fulfilling life in the future. We could also exchange ideas for the project and new adventures to embark on.

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That sounds great, but I won’t last for a whole year.

I wish you the best of luck, though. Hope you’ll have a lot to write about.

Welcome to Fluther.

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So the kickoff is in May? And only events of overpowering joy are to be noted?

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I think it is a great idea. I always try to stay on the positive side of things and I am also very grateful for all I have. But the idea of keeping a record sounds practical. I love it and I’m starting today! It could be really handy in moments when we are feeling down.
^I dislike overpowering joy…I love the feeling of simple contentment better.

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Why wait till May?

“Gleeful?” To me, that’s “ecstatic.” Lots of things make me happy, probably too many to list for a year, but few make me “gleeful.”

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I like this idea. I think waiting a bit before starting to log these moments might make sense, so as to learn to identify them more readily.
Trying to recreate them could cause them to lose their potency, but I would like to know them.

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Solid points!

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Well, I got to hang out with an old high school classmate today. She is funny as hell. She laughs easily too. And she’s smart. A refreshing combination.

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I find it hard to think of things that “purely” make me happy. Most all things have mixed emotions for me. For example I love doing theater. I just finished a run of “Cabaret”. At times I felt blissful and at times I was exhausted and cranky. I suppose if I just wrote down “moments” it could work.

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