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Spoonerized business names: what's your favorite candidate?

Asked by ETpro (34412points) November 20th, 2012

Troubled times call for a little levity, so let’s list our inventory of spoonerized business names. You might shop at Jack Flacket’s Flack Jackets, or Bubba Roat’s Rubber Boats, for instance. This question extends the spoonerism tradition we launched with this [NSFW] question and this G-rated one from Fluther’s distant past. Please, no X rated answers here, though. If enough of you have ideas for X rated spoonerific business ventures, that can be a separate question.

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We often refer to Red Lobster as Lead Robster. As we try to minimize heavy metals from our diet. Spoonerisms.. a new term for me. Perhaps I didn’t know what they were.

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@majorrich I love Lead Robster and the mercurial rationale behind it.

I should have offered a link to the definition of spoonerism. Let me correct that oversight now.

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I like to call Fuddruckers Buttfuckers. courtesy of Mike Judge

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My sister’s store, The Handicrafters, can be morphed into the Candy Rafters, though why any one would bother is a mystery.

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Master Baiter’s Bait Master Fishing Supplies.

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There was a racehorse here in england town a few years back, went by the name Mary Hinge.

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@wildpotato You beat me to it, FuddRuckers is my favorite since seeing Idiocracy.

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Mary Hen’s Salon for Hairy Men
Where we’ll razor your rooster or condition your cock

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You guys are great. Points for all. Nothing to comment on, but keep ‘em coming.

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I never heard of the word Spoonerism before. Is that what you named your cat Spoony after?

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Spoonerisms named after the Reverend (irony here)
William Spooner.

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@gailcalled Thanks for saving me the effort of providing a link. No, @JenniferP, back when we rescued Spoony from the animal shelter, my youngest son was in middle school, and the word “spoony” was the latest slang among the kids for something or someone that’s really cool and neat. He rightly thought she was cool and neat, so he named her Spoony.

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I was just joking about the cat.

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