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What will you do with the last month of your life?

Asked by filmfann (44460points) November 20th, 2012

12–21-2012 is just one month away. The Mayans have said we are all toast. They were pretty smart. They invented Chocolate.
What do you have planned?

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No change, I will do exactly what I do every other day of the year. I will even do the laundry.

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Well…the idea is…. I won’t KNOW it’s the last month of my life! haha
I hope I am one of those people that doesn’t feel well for a little while and goes to the doctor and is told ” you have 5 hours to live.” lol
I have zero desire, nor plan of doing any major, life extending treatments. No thanks. Just give me morphine and I’ve made my peace.

I would, obviously, take care of the immediate stuff like letting family know and other arrangements like either euthanizing or re-homing my pets. That would be a big thing.
Otherwise I would sit in the sun, smoke pot, eat ice cream, float in my hot tub and fade away in zen mode.

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Hey, look! There are details below the question! Let’s read them!

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@filmfann Hah! Well…just refer to my last sentence.

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Making toast.

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I’d eat my favorite things. It’s kind of like a last meal, isn’t it? Lots of shrimp cocktail. Rack of lamb. Souffled potatoes. A deep chocolate dessert. I’ll have to think about the vegetable. But if I’m going to die, who cares if the meal is balanced?

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@Sunny2 If you’re dying you don’t HAVE to eat your vegetables. I’d have cherry cheesecake and wine for dinner every night. haha

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Go scuba divin’ yo.

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I’m going to keep on buying groceries and paying my bills. Besides, I have a hair appointment on January 11th that I expect to keep.

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The Mayans may have been smart, but where are they now?

Carpe diem. Everyday.

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Having read the details, i’m left bored & shall move on.

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I’m planning on celebrating Christmas with my aunt and my cousin on 12–25-12. I am not going to let any damn long dead Mayans ruin my Christmas this year.

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Thanks for the reminder. I think I’m going to plan a party. I just have to think of a theme…

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Well, at least I’ll have received my M.A. before the world ends…

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I’ll spend a lot of it trying to find awesome Festivus gifts without shopping at any retailer that is open on Thanksgiving Day.

Yay, one man protest.

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I’d hug a lot of people and say goodbye, and tell them why they were special to me. Then I would go on a wild circus of partying, flinging my clothes off in seedy nightclubs, kissing hot strangers. Fly a hot air balloon, eat whatever I wanted and smoke like a train. I’d also dress in leather and go to an underground bondage club, and whack some ass.

Hey.. you have just made me think. I should be doing this right? Gosh who knew?

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“Whack some ass” LMFAO!!!

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As I am a diabetic, and in honor of the Mayans fine invention, I would eat lots and lots of only the finest chocolate. Fudge, truffles, hot chocolate, and (of course) chocolate chip cookies – until, finally, I would slip into a blissful sugar coma.

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@Shippy: Wow, I never would have guessed you were a Domme… Hot ;) And yes, you should get on all of these plans, RIGHT NOW !

@cookieman: Let’s go to Paris together and gorge ourselves on macarons and truffles That’s been my terminal illness diabetic contingency plan for a long time.

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@bookish1: I’m right there with you – so long as we can also go to those late-night crepe booths they have.
Mmmm… warm Nutella and banana crepes at midnight.

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@bookish1 and @cheebdragon I told you Fluther was my therapy, Gosh I am still in shock!!

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Nothing different at all for me, even if I’d decided to take this 2012 thing seriously. I’m convinced that this life is just a small part of a much bigger life to come when we pass on so this will obviously affect how I answer a question like this vs somebody who thinks that ‘death’ is the end of everything.

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