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Do you like kimchi?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) November 20th, 2012

Not me, the food.

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I love ir in combination with Bulgogi and seaweed. But I hate the garlic breath that comes with it!

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I love it. I don’t have it often, but very much enjoy the flavors and the bite.

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Kimchi kicks ass, I love it.

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Amen to kimchi with some rice and pork or chicken bulgogi. Love it. But I wouldn’t want to live near a kimchi factory.

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I don’t love it, but I will eat it, if it’s not too spicy.

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Yes. I love cabbage and I love Hot. Hot. Hot. So Kimchi is perfect.

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I love it. Hot enough to peel my lips.

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Never had it, actually. It’s that fermented Korean cabbage stuff, right?
My sister in law has a neighbor who makes it in her backyard.

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I like both you and the food.
The food is very healthy!

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I have two different kinds of kimchi in the refrigerator. Love it

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@Tropical_Willie I have no kimchi in my refrigerator but this question has inspired me to make sure I have, if not two kinds of kimchi in my refrigerator, to have at least some kimchi in my refrigerator.

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My roommate is from South Korea :) Yaaaay lots of kimchi and other delicious Korean food for meeeeeeeee :)

Honestly there hasn’t been a meal that she or her mom has given me that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy and love.

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I love it yes yes yes

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Love, love, love it! But I like pickles in general and spicy food too. What’s not to like?

It does tend to smell pretty bad. I had some in the fridge and opened the bottle to get me a tasty treat. My mom, not seeing what I was doing, asked if my cat had just pooped on the floor LOL.

There is a local vendor that comes to our farmers market, they make all kinds of kimchi from locally grown produce. Yummo.

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@lillycoyote Also have julianne radishes in chili oil.

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Even though I’ve lived in Korea, I’ve never had it. My father grew to like it during the time we where there though. The rest of my family never dared to try it.
But oh, Bulgogi, dried seaweed eaten straight out of the packet, ramen noodles and rice, dumplings with glass noodles, meat and vegetables…..Lotte’s chewing gum with rose flavour!
I miss Korea!

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I have never tasted it. It smells very bad to me. Like something rotten. In order for for me to eat something it must meet 3 criteria: Look good, smell good and be healthy for my body.

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@gondwanalon Don’t worry about the smell. It only smells like something rotten because that’s what it is. Consider it partially digested cabbage. It’s marinated in spices that keep all the bad bugs at bay. Quite healthful to eat, in fact. But avoid it if you don’t like spicy food.

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I love it but haven’t tasted really good since last visit to Seoul. Is there a brand available outside of Korea that you recommend? I love all Korean food actually, hot and healthy, what more could you want. I was recently in Cairns, top end of oz, there is a fairly large Korean community there and they made their own kimchi, it was excellent, also the Bibimbap, that was wonderful!

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Oh, if you go to Asian stores.

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@Tropical_Willie That actually sounds pretty good… julienned radishes in chili oil… something I have never had… but radishes are their own kind of hot and chilis are another kind of hot… the two together could be kind of interesting.

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