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Is there a Fluther app for the iPhone or iPad, and how do you like it?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) November 20th, 2012

Last time this question was asked was in July 2010. I searched just now but couldn’t find any, but perhaps I was not searching correctly.

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I do not believe there is an app.
I use the mobile site from my iPhone.

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There was one, but it wasn’t made by us and was very buggy. Using the mobile site is a much better option.

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No, sorry, there’s not. Regular site works just fine on my device.

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There was once but when mobile sites got so good it was abandoned. I guess it’s time I delete it from my phone, hu?

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There is an app for iPhone. It’s really slow though, would be good if they updated it.

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I actually was able to get it before it left. It isn’t well made, but it lets me browse. If I want to answer I can wait until I get someplace with a computer, or sometimes answer with my iPad.

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OK, I guess consensus is that I’m better off trying i.fluther. Will give that a try. Thanks!

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