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Every time I lay down I have extreme pain in my stomach and intestinal area? This has been going on for months.

Asked by sandra49 (4points) November 21st, 2012

I have tried everything—it’s not gas.

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Why haven’t you gone to the doctor to get a diagnosis?

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Go see a doctor! No one here, even the physicians on fluther, could diagnose your problem with limited information and we are not faith healers. We cannot simply send out good vibes and cure you of your stomach ills. This is what doctors are for. Go see one! Particularly since this has been going on for months!

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Hi Sandra, it could be anything from constipation to gas, even though you don’t think so. Or something that needs medical care. As everyone said, it is better to check it out. I hope it goes well for you. Take care.

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Don’t mess with abdominal pain. That’s a potentially serious thing. Get thee to a doc. ASAP

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Don’t mess with abdominal pain is correct, but you certainly also don’t want to mess with stomach pain. All the same, as has been said before, you really should go and see a doctor. It is far better to go when you have initial concerns rather than to put up with it through gritted teeth for any number of months!

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If it was mild pain I would say that it is likely heartburn which can be triggered when laying down and sleeping propped up with pillows can help. But since you say it is severe pain I’d say go to a doctor as it could be something simple that a simple medication can fix or it might be something a lot more serious where not getting treatment could make you sicker and become less treatable.

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Going to see doctor immediately, extreme pain can lead into UTI or kidneys problems.

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