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Really how bad does a belly button peircing hurt?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) March 5th, 2009

I want to get it done, but am too scared.

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It’s a quick pinch. The more you worry about it the worse it will be. Don’t hold your breath when it happens, you may get dizzy. The most important thing is to go to a reputable shop, not the cheapest person you can find.
My advice- Man up and jump in.

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hahah alright, thank you!

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Everyone is different. I personally felt my belly button was one of the most painful piercings I’ve ever gotten. I also cannot handle getting my ears pierced…but I have had a couple of facial piercings, nipples and other piercings that did not hurt as much.
I also regret leaving it in while pregnant. I need to like, have surgery to fix it!

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ugh okay, i’m a wuss when it comes to pain as well.
i have my gauged ears and thats it, haha.

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It’s not bad at all. Just slowly breathe out while the needle is going through your skin. Don’t get all worked up over it beforehand.

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I didn’t even feel it! I got to talking with another girl (I had mine done at a piercing party), and didn’t even realize the piercer was already finished. I looked down and she had already closed up the capture ring. So, its really no biggie. Maybe bring along a pal for some support, or for a distraction. The less you focus on the actual process the better!

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That was far and away the least painful of my piercings, nothing just a quick pinch.

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Thank you everyone!

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I’m sure it’s less painful than getting a tattoo but are piercings as addictive as tattoos? :-)

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It’s most likely to hurt but probably not as much as the lip, eyebrow, tongue, and cartelidge

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It hurt but only for a second and then was tender after but it’s worth it and they look sexy and cute! Just remember to buy saline and clean it daily for a month or till its not tender…Best not to think about it. Impulse belly button tatting is the best bc less fear and more excitement!

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