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Have you ever dropped the turkey on the floor?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) November 21st, 2012

Or any main dish or special dessert you had prepared for a group? What did you do about it?

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Who told you about the turkey on the floor?


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@jaytkay Your friend, Carol. Don’t worry. You’re in good company.

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No. But my Mom did. She admitted to it, brushed it off, cooked it, and was the first to eat it.
It’s really no big deal.:-)

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No, but that reminds me of my Favorite Scene from the movie A Christmas Story!

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My sister had guests over and had a beef roast sitting on the counter, resting after coming out of the oven. The Golden Retriever had a two bites out before it hit the floor,

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If you have ever seen an episode of Monsters inside me, you would not want to eat anything that has touched the floor. It’s pretty scary shit….lol, my son wouldn’t even walk around barefoot for a couple of months after watching an episode.

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I dropped a turkey, but it flew away before it hit the floor. ;-o
We declared it to be a Festivus miracle, so we named her Little Wing.

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@Brian1946 I want to come to your house for the pre-dinner festivities.

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C’mon over, but due to a massive oversight in our planning, we need you to bring the pole. ;-)

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No, but I was up at my sister’s house when she was making Thanksgiving. The house was full of the wonderful smell of the turkey. When it was time to take it out of the oven, my sister found the thermometer had broken inside the turkey, which now had small shards of glass and whatever that liquid is inside the thermometer. She had to toss the turkey, which was awful because the house smelled so great, and we couldn’t eat it.

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The cook did that in the first series of Downton Abbey, only it was a chicken not a turkey, they just wiped it down, put it back on the platter and sent it upstairs to the dining room, nobody knew anything was amiss.

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No, but my ex-husband did set the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on fire in the oven. He ran through the kitchen with the flaming baking dish, heading for the back yard. The house was chock-full of people at the time, and it was pretty damn memorable! He ended up scraping all the burnt marshmallows off the top and re-topping it for another try. Believe me, he watches that particular dish very carefully now!

We once had Thanksgiving at my (now ex-) mother-in-law’s house, and she didn’t realize her oven had broken at some point during the roasting of the turkey. The outside of the turkey was nice and brown, but the inside was cold and completely raw. I think we ordered pizza at that point.

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When I was a kid, I dropped the frozen turkey in the street lol. My dad and I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving and I wanted to carry the turkey after getting out of the taxi. It was in a bag and everything but I carried the whole thing in my arms, and it slipped and fell in the street as we were crossing. It was pretty funny, because it was frozen, and as it fell, it halfway came out of the bag and sort of slid a little on the street, taking the bag along with it.

That said, it was some pretty damn good turkey, I have to say.

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@Tropical_Willie, at my sister’s house it was the cat who gnawed on the end of the meat. It didn’t knock it on the floor though. She just made sure to feed that end to her (now ex-) husband.

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I never have, no. I do remember once, my mom pulling a large pan of kielbasa and sauerkraut out of the oven and then launching it across the kitchen. We all kind of stood there covered in scalding hot cabbage trying to figure out what had happened. That pan left a crack in the tile until my parents eventually replaced that floor.

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@filmfann, that reminds me of a passage in Rant about the main character’s mother who booby-traps her dishes with dangerous or sharp objects so that people will pay attention to what’s in their mouths and really taste the food.

Once, we left the dog in the car with the Christmas ham. Mom cut away the damage, and we carried on.

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@Symbeline I’m picturing you at the top of a hill when you dropped the frozen turkey. Then the thing starts to slide and picks up speed. Then it’s weavig in an out of traffic as it continues to barrel down the street.

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