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It's time for a George-off! Who is the best George in history, and why?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (4473points) November 24th, 2012

Washington? Harrison? Carlin? Takei? Who is the best George in history? It doesn’t matter if George is the first name, middle name, or last name. It can even be an assumed name (e.g., George Eliot). The only rule is that whoever you pick must be named or known as some kind of George.

If you don’t think you can say who’s best, feel free to answer with your favorite George instead.

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Of the Georges I know (not an exhaustive list, but considerable), I think I’ll pick Georg Friedrich Handel, whose music we still greatly enjoy and whose contribution will probably outlast that of quite a few other Georges.

As backup choice, I think I’ll opt for Curious George.

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George Costanza!

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George Foreman! Who could live without him. tehehehe

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Curious George

He’s so curious and cute.

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George Jetson! Man of Destiny!

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George Washington Carver is a fave of mine. From the absolute literal most humble beginnings (he was born a slave) he became a man of huge accomplishments.

Dawwww, I love Curious George, I was going to name him even before I saw the previous answers!

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George Clooney, because he’s easy on the eyes.

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George Fenniman Cooper.

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Another vote for Curious George. My sister brought a beautiful female friend home for the weekend when she was in college and I was in high school. The friend read Curious George to me while we laid in bed. It’s been my fav ever since.

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I’m not sure who’s my favorite George. George Washington did some pretty influential stuff, Handel wrote some pretty nice music, and George Washington Carver gave me some pretty good peanut products.

must resist… temptation… to mention George W. Bush…

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George Harrison from The Beatles!

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@bhec10 beat me to it! I was just listening to “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” last night.

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Lucas. Though its more of a love/hate relationship…

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George Clinton
P Funk baby!!

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lol Boy George.

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George Gershwin. I still get pumped every time I hear a little Rhapsody.

George “Texas” Instruments, inventor of the calculator, is a close second.

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Sorry @majorrich, I was going to say definitely not Boy George

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King George III, the inceptor of the USA!

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Since George Costanza is already taken lurve to you @yankeetooter I’ll go with George of the Jungle.

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Margaret George… comeon females anyone??

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@rosehips I’m with you – George Sand.

@Blondesjon Was his name really George Instruments?

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George McGovern, the first dude named George to oppose the Vietnam War.

Or was it because he was the first presidential nominee from either major party to oppose it?

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@glacial a certain symmetry of choice is it not?
An author who writes about historical royalty and an author who is historical royalty.
Lurve it!

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I do like George Alan O’Dowd…

For fictional Georges… I liked George Feeny in “Boy Meets World,” George McFly in “Back to the Future,” Georg in “Sounds of Music” and LOVED George Jefferson in “Jeffersons.”

St. George seems pretty influential, although I don’t know if I’d have liked him.

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George Walker Bush….. The man that fucked up so bad we elected a black president.

Next up.. A woman!

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“If you covered him with garbage, George Sandars would still have style.” -Ray Davies

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You are of course all mistaken, this George is simply the Best

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Phyllis George

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You gotta have faith!

1 Fluther point to the person who gets it!

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George Michael FTW!

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I’m slightly embarressed that when I read this the first person to spring to mind was George in Grey’s Anatomy.

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No one has mentioned George W Bush!?
don’t hit me! don’t hit me!

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I mentioned him first. (well, kind of)

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How about George H.W. Bush?

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@PhiNotPi Apologies!

I blame the whisper. :)

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No re-cocking-spect for Mr Best?

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I guess I’ll cast my vote for George of the Jungle, although as far as influential Georges go, I agree with George Washington, George Washington Carver, King George III, and Georg Handel. As for infamous Georges, George W. Bush and George Atzerodt fit the bill.

Some great writers are George Orwell and Jorge Luis Borges. An influential artist was George Catlin. Another musician is George Gershwin.

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Georg Cantor (is it okay if there is no e at the end?), the man who invented set theory and tamed infinity, and paid the price for staring at infinity by going mad. Actually, mental illness ran in the family, but I like my interpretation.

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