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Health foods that actually do the trick?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) November 26th, 2012

Kale? Healthy food concoctions?

Stuff that you wouldn’t do without?

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Coconut oil for cooking, coconut butter because it’s yummy. I use EWG’s lists (the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen). By the way, they have an ap for your phone too.

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Peppermint oil. It is great for a headache.

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Kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach, chick peas, black beans, steel-cut oat meal, organic berries, bananas, eating oranges, pineapple, quinoa, salsa.

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My mom swears by “green drinks” – spinach, kale, or any greens we have on hand, blended with apples and cranberries. Looks disgusting, but tastes alright.

@Judi: Would peppermint oil help for a headache that’s brought on by vision stress? I had an eye exam last week, and I’m finally getting glasses tomorrow or Wednesday. For now, though, I’m just trying to handle the headache. Ya think it’d help?

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@RandomGirl. Yes! Just apply it to your temples (but not to close to your eyes.) If you have pure peppermint oil you can put it on your tongue and hold it to your palate.

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I didn’t follow his diet specifically, but it was a “no grain” diet. It worked (helped me detox, lost weight), but it’s not for the long term.

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Mushrooms. cooked.

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Peppermint oil applied to cotton balls and placed in strategic points inside my car help scare away the mice. It can easily be overwhelming and too much prevents me also from getting into my car.

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I didn’t know that @gailcalled ! We left a truck in a rural area for about 6 weeks and the mice invadd it. I wish I had know that trick before I set all those traps!

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@Judi: “Help” is the key word. Traps ultimately are more effective, particularly if you aren’t around.

What doesn’t help? MIlo. (Boy, has he been letting the side down recently. I just caught three mice, sequentially, under my sink.) It’s part of the morning routine;

Get up, pee, brush teeth, get dressed, go downstairs, remove Havahart from under sink, empty trap in woods, scrub hands surgically, have breakfast.

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All I did is get a mixer such ad nutri-bullet wich releases all of the locked nutrients that other normal mixers can’t get into… its VERY helpful! I mix fruits and veggies in them but you can find recipes that provide the most nutrient combinations.
This has helped me a lot! It is cheap and easy but it also does its deeds. Very healthy too!

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If it walked, crawled, swam, flew, had a face, a mommy, or a daddy it is not health food. Everything else, especially in great variety and as unprocessed as possible, IS health food and you will do great. Highly recommend the movie “Forks Over Knives”. Its all there.

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