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Men, what has your experience been with prostate cancer?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20074points) November 26th, 2012

Was it detected early, what kind of treatment was used and how smooth or rough was the path to recovery?

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<—- Been there. Done that.
Mine was found by a routine screening. I was in perfect health with a perfect BMI so I was a good candidate for surgery. I’m glad I did. (I’m still in perfect health. I’m a lucky guy.)
I’d be glad to discuss it with you via PM.

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Only that it killed my Grandfather.

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My uncle was diagnosed with it about two months ago, it had been there a while. The doctor said that it had also got in to his blood. Not that he had blood cancer, just that he had so much prostate cancer that it was detectable in his blood.

Two months later, the doctors tell him that he has responded to treatment so well, that if they checked him for prostate cancer again today, it would be hard to tell he even has it.

That is all I know.

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Thank you, it generally ( in most cases) sounds promising.

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It is very promising. – If you get it before it has metasticised. You want to find it while it is still in the prostate bed. That is why screening is important.

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