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What's the name for the 60k award?

Asked by bhec10 (6457points) November 28th, 2012

I was just lurking around the awards section and noticed that there isn’t an award for the humongous score of 60,000 lurve.
At least it’s not there yet.

I know that Marinelife and wundayatta are the 50k guys, and they’re getting closer and closer to 60k.

Here are the current awards for:
10k – Privateer
20k – Admiral
30k – Blackbeard
40k – Titan
50k – Poseidon
60k – ???

Is there a name already? Is the award only going to show up when one of them gets the 60k? Can we suggest names?

Just wondering :-)

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Augustlan can give you the real answer—and if suggestions are being taken, I nominate “Ancient Mariner” (I didn’t see one on the awards list, and there is the “Mariner” award at 5K. Though Marinelife and wundayatta aren’t exactly “ancient,” they’re certainly part of Fluther lore.

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You have plenty of time to think about it. Unless we get lots of new people, we won’t hit this mark for at least another year.

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What about:


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The awards don’t become visible until the first person receives it – that is, we couldn’t see the Poseidon award, for example, until @wundayatta got it. So it’s a mystery till then!

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I nominate the Maori Tangaroa?

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I nominate the 69er.

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It should be called Drakkar. That would rock every single ass there is to rock.

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Orca award!

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Or Sækonungar @Symbeline. From Wikipedia “In Norse mythology, the gods of the sea (Old Norse: Sækonungar) were protectors and patrons of sailors and explorers”. I like @Yetanotheruser‘s Maori idea too.

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Stygiomedusa gigantea, the largest jellyfish, or Medusa for short.

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Oh I got another one, what about the Portuguese Man-of-War?

It’s awesome, it’s blue and it’s the most feared jelly of all. And it’s Portuguese!
Man, I’d be happy with that!

Another name for it is Bluebottle.

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According to the new info, it should now be – THE IMMORTAL JELLYFISH AWRD!

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I don’t even know…it’s a mystery!

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Maybe it should be called “One Day at a Marine Life”?

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