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How to set up two monitors?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) November 28th, 2012

So I have two graphics cards set up both work and both monitors and VGI cables and the slots to put the graphics cards work. But when I plug them both my PC doesnt recognize them both, why could this be?

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More info needed. Motherboard make and model, gfx card make and model and which slots on the motherboard you have them installed in? Do they work when you remove the other card?

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An older Nvidia GeForce 6500 and a newer

and monther board nvidia nforce 500

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I might not have the right drivers so let me try updating

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So if all you want is two monitors then you only need the one card. The GeForce 6500 and the amd5450 can both run two monitors so I would get rid of one of the cards and try plugging both monitors into the remaining card.

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but that card only has one VGI output

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@Questionsaboutstuff yes but it has DVI-I out put and with a little dongle you can plug your VGA monitor into it

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ok and will this give me two monitors showing two different things? I dont want a second monitor showing the same things

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Use the DVI output first if at all possible because the signal and resulting picture are vastly superior to VGA.
Whether or not both monitors show the same thing (mirror) depends on your (display) configuration. In windows it’s possible to mirror the image onto both. By default it does not do that however.

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The second video card whould work with the first anyway (there is no order, you see why in a second)

Unless the cards are connected via SLI or CrossFire they will not communicate and only one will be active at a time. It would be kinda like having 2 phones for your house, but each having their own number, then expecting to pick one up for a call on the other.

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My IT guy is here today and said in the properties, right click and ‘click’ to extend to second monitor. Let me know if you need more, he’s a genius!

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@Deshi_basara the cards only need to be crossfire/SLI if you want the two card to work together to share the 3d work load to drive 1 monitor.
Using multiple cards to drive multiple monitors to have more windows desktop is very common for workstation type pc’s found in business and does not require crossfire/SLI as the cards do not need to know what the other is doing they just show what the CPU tells them to show.

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~looks at spare graphics cards piled up on shelf~

@Lightlyseared If you say so homie

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