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Hey there, you bored ones, what do you think of Yoko Ono's mens clothing line?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16730points) November 29th, 2012

I don’t know how to do the thing where it says ‘this’ and you click and it shows- so google it and then tell me what you think. Bwa ha ha.

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She has too much money and time on her hands. here

Did I say hands?

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Uhm… no. Just no.

And a double “no” for the scrotum hoodie.

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Here I was expecting some cool Beatle-esque suits, but noooooooooo! It’s like sexual harassment fashion. I thought that hoodie design looked more like a butt.

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Haha… hilarious! Well…she’s a creative one, that’s for sure.
I always liked Yoko, she put up with a lot of crap way back when and I ADORE Julian Lennon, as talented and attractive as his papa.
If I was a pervier older chick I’d keep a few of those models as house boys. lol

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@Kardamom I also thought it was a butt, just shows hmm? The ink blot test and what @Seek_Kolinahr was thinking about. Yes definitely!

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I think she’ll be out of business soon.

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@Shippy, I didn’t want to even consider that it might look like a ball sack. I was just so horrified by all of the photos that I saw on that thread about the thongs on dudes from yesterday.

Shuddering again

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@Kardamom loll.. mmm thongs

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What thong thread? I want to see! lol

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@Coloma Here you Go, but I warn you to put on a pair of goggles when thumbing through some of the photos. Some of them could put your eye out.

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OMG! Borat…but of course. haha
Ewww…Thongman….his nose hair needs a thong. Gross!

I get to watch a bunch of gay guys running around the woods in speedos every spring over here at an annual gay Vespa clubbers bash at the private camp ground, literally 10 feet across the road from my driveway. lol
Right now I am obsessively singing “Ooooh Yooooookooooo, Oooooh,Yooookooooo, your love will turn me oooon!

Damn you @trailsillustrated !!!! :-)

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Yoko is obvioiusly in need of a good bonk. She has male genitalia on the brain. Sexual frustration can happen to anyone. Most of us don’t have the financial resources to share our desperate desires with the world through a ‘fashion’ collection.

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My take: Someone who has had sycophantic ass kissers around her whole adult life, was lucky enough to marry an unstable genius. This is a 90 year woman stuck in what she thinks is avante garde ground breaking fashion. Rudy Gernreich anyone?

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