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What actions should I take if I have an idea for a website?

Asked by JoeyOhSoClever (969points) November 30th, 2012

I must warn you all that I am very ignorant with this topic. All I have is basically an extremely well thought out idea for a website. I would like to share my idea with my peers to get feedback in order get a small grasp of how popular (accepted) my website would be. That’s the problem I don’t know if I should patent the idea before I start sharing it. I am just looking for some advice. Thanks.

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First I would think about the type of people that you think would use the website and do some market research by creating a series of questions and get their opinion. I doubt very much that you would need to patent it if you are careful with the information that you provide them with as quite often having the general idea (without going right into it) can still give you the answers you are looking for.

I have been involved in internet marketing and web design for over a year now so if you want some feedback then feel free to get in touch.

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Patents cost money and may not apply to what you are doing.

You should not just share your idea with anyone especially if you are not in the process of already building it.

You can share your idea under a non-disclosure agreement, but it will not offer you absolute protection.

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Maybe I should’ve been a little bit more specific haha. Im just a bit scared thats all. Basically, it is a Q&A/discussion website with a couple of unique and distinct ideas added. Not sure if that needs a patent or not. It’s just I believe the ideas I have could eventually bring in a large amount people potentially making the site profitable.

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Basically, it is a Q&A/discussion website with a couple of unique and distinct ideas added

Not to discourage you or anything but you just described Fluther ;-)

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@fremen, lol true but its because that statement I made was very general. Its the extra ideas I have that separate my website from Fluther or any other Q&A site.

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