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Does your car reflect or express who you are?

Asked by chyna (39940points) November 30th, 2012

A mini van usually signifies someone has kids or is a sports mom or dad. A ferrari says money.
My car has a flip flop sticker on the back window saying that I love summertime and the beach. I have a paw cling-on on the side window showing I love dogs. The side window also has dried dog snot/drool signifying that the Goo Gone didn’t work.

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I was kind of wild when I was young. My first new car was a Z-28 Camaro. That was a fast car. Then I got my dogs, and went with a 4X4 SUV.

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My car is a plain old grey Camry 4-door sedan in pretty good running order, and filled with junk.

I guess that does say a lot about me. At least it’s paid-for.

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I’m also a Camry owner. It’s old and barely runs. :-P

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Yes. My car says that I live at the top of a long, steep and precipitous driveway that is dangerous in ice and snow.

There are paw prints on the roof and the hood and scratches on all the doors, indicating that someone who sits on the roof extends his claws to get down to terra firma.

I have small bits of chewed foam rubber on the floor mats of the driver’s side of the front seat, bearing witness to the mice who sublet.

Subara Forester 2006 (navy and paw print grey). I passed the 30,000 mile mark last week.

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I am driving a 2000 4WD Tahoe Z71. It is tank and loaded with everything required for emergencies: tow chains, 110V power inverter, extension cord, water, tools, fuel, lights, radio equipment, flares, etc. So, yeah, it does reflect who I am. GQ.

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^^^No trailer hitch for the platform for the spare elephants should there be a permanent gas shortage? I consider you the guy who is truly prepared for anything.

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God, no. I drive a mini-van, and of course, I am a mom, but man I hate driving one!

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Volvo wagon – my kids used to call it the Momvo. Stability, safety and a wee bit of self-indulgence.

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I don’t think so. It is an extremely common, popular small model in a nice pastel color, about as unexceptional and plain-vanilla as you can get, without any special add-ons or frills. It has a distinctive license plate, but otherwise there’s nothing to notice and no challenge to any convention other than the current trend toward utterly neutral colors. I hope that’s not me, but if it is—oh, well, then.

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@Jeruba but as I recall, a tremendous amount of thought went into its purchase.

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God, I hope not. My suburban has a ginormous ass. With family stickers on it.

Oh God, I have a tattoo on my ass. <hangs head>

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@WillWorkForChocolate No reflection on you at all!

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My car is broken. I am not. So no.

Also, hi.

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@incendiary_dan Good to see you back! Hello!

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I have an ‘85 Corolla that isn’t quick, but can still get up to ridiculous speeds, doesn’t slow down in the corners or bad weather, and doesn’t complain when it’s 2 quarts low on oil. It has quirks like the leaky sunroof and non-functional intermittent wipers, and an utter inability to handle standing still for long periods.

And there is a huge fucking skull painted on the hood.

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2010 Ford Taurus SHO 135 MPH top speed ( governor kicks in ), Zero to 60 in 5.2 seconds. Quarter mile in 13.5 seconds at about 110 miles per hours. Gets 28 MPG on highway, if you keep the foot out of the “loud pedal”.

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Not at all. We are a one car family and our car screams this is a hand-me-down car because my owner is in bankruptcy. It’s loud, there’s always something wrong with it, and one of the headlight covers is smashed from when our son hit a deer. It is now covered with clear tape for a cheap fix. The car stresses me and embarrasses me and I can’t wait to get something a bit more reliable and respectable. I’d prefer a truck or jeep. Something that can haul outdoor gear and our dogs, plus one child.

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No. It’s nothing flash. It’s now four, perhaps five years old. We bought it with ‘getting the whole family in when we go out together’ in mind. We are now just the two of us mostly. It’s a nice car but it’s just a car – it doesn’t make a statement (I don’t think!).

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@janbb, that’s certainly true. In that respect I guess it reflects me and my near-obsessive aversion to making mistakes. On the other hand, I might have ended up with the same car if I’d seen it as soon as I walked onto the lot, pointed, and said “I like that one”...which is pretty much how I bought the one that I recently traded in after 12 years of satisfactory service.

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^^^And do you still “like that one” now that you’ve had it for a while?

For the very first time in my life, I love my car. It sits high enough to zoom through 6 inches of unplowed snow, has a lot of glass for really good visibility, isn’t too big or too small, has wonderful AWD, and the seats don’t make my back ache.

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In versatility yes, just like me.haha
I drive “Hi Ho Silver.”
22mpg, on the country roads, trunk roomy enough to carry 100 lbs. of goose chow and a bale of pine shavings.
Leather interior, awesome stereo system, heated seats.

Rugged county roads by day and cleans up for a sleek night on the town.
Hi Ho Silver awaaaay…..

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@LuckyGuy Don’t forget the inflatable Paramedic…oh yeah, that would be you.

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Mine is compact, very adaptable for cargo (fits a wheelchair easily), practical (gets great mileage) and this year is a year for black cars; so, to identify it in a parking lot, I decorated the antenna with a nosegay. Sounds like me in a number of ways.

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I just got my moms old car a couple months ago, a 2006 Cobalt, so nothing fancy but I love it. I only have two bumper stickers so far. A Pittsburgh Steelers one, just to represent the hood, and a HALL/OATES ‘12 sticker which I literally go out of my way to look at every single time I get in and out of my car. It makes me grin ear to ear. I have an unhealthy obsession with them.

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I drive a dark red 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix with grinding brakes, a cracked windshield, and only one working window. I sure hope it doesn’t reflect anything about me – other than that I obviously can’t afford a new one.

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@livelaughlove21 Grinding brakes are a really bad sign. Get them looked at ASAP.

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@Adirondackwannabe I’m aware. I got my front brakes replaced and it ended up being one of my back brakes. It only does it once or twice a day. I’ve got it under control, thanks.

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I don’t have a car, so what sort of existential crisis does that leave me in?

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^^^ How to say, When does the next bus arrive,” in Norwegian?

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@gailcalled I do have a trailer hitch and 6000 pound capacity, dual axle trailer by the barn. I’m pretty much ready for anything. I’d have to cut the elephant into pieces if it weighs more than 3 tons. The 18” chain saw will do it.

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^^^So there you are; a dual resource. Transportation/barbecue.

Oh dear. I should have checked my facts first.

“African elephants are the largest land animals… Bulls may reach a height of 9–13 feetat the shoulder and weigh between 9,000–13,000 pounds. Cows are smaller in size, averaging 7–9 feet at the shoulder and weighing between 4000–7000 lbs.”

Can I rethink this and change the suggestion to camels?

Camels weigh between 660 and 1,520 pounds. That means you can haul four.

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Sort of. Yeah, we had a mini-van when the kids were little, but I was/am more than that. I don’t think I could afford the car that REALLY reflects who I am!

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@gailcalled, I’m getting more comfortable with it. I don’t drive too much any more; I’d had it two months before I had to refill the gas tank. During the same period, I had vision problems, which limited my driving. I’m ok now, and the car is fine; I just didn’t fall in love the same way I did with my old one.

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I’ve almost always had manual trans hatchbacks, and when one of my childhood friends saw my 6-speed Mini Cooper S in British Racing Green with black bonnet stripes, she said, “That car is soooo you!” But alas, an F150 didn’t realize that he couldn’t stop as quickly as I could, and hit my corner when traffic was coming to a stop in front of us, sending us into a spin, and then a roll when We hit the muddy median. sigh… I miss that car; she died saving my life.

Her replacement is a VW Passat – my first sedan and my first used car. I wanted to get out of the payments I had with the Mini, so I bought what I could get with the check from the insurance company. She had 40k when I got her in April ‘10 and is about to turn 100k. She’s been very reliable, and sometimes I think it’s nice not to stand-out on the highway the way the green mini did—it’s kinda nice blending in with all the other dark grey sedans as we zip past the trooper hiding in the bushes.

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My car is awesome. So, yeah.

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Does it also eat sandwiches?

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Does it MAKE samwiches for you @bob_ ?

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Can you make me a sandwich @bob_ ?

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Well, I only “feed” it the best fuel, @CWOTUS, and it takes me to places where they sell sandwiches, @Dutchess_III, so in a way, yes.

And I’m sorry, @janbb, but sandwich-making is a one-way street. Can I interest you in a foot massage instead?

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@bob_ Oh yeah! Do you do flippers too?

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@janbb That sounds dirty. So, yeah.

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