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Fishing for ideas - what would YOU like as a gift?

Asked by Call_Me_Jay (13509points) December 13th, 2017

Doing my last-week Christmas shopping, I thought it would help to poll a group for ideas.

What would YOU want?

Include your age and/or whatever other details would help us fit your wish list to our own family & friends.

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2 plastic Tupperware type pie storage/transport containers.

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Me first second.

I’m a middle-aged guy with a small apartment. Forget the coffee table books and slow cookers and vases – I don’t have space.

A great thoughtful gift I have received is a horse riding gift certificate – I love animals and I had not ridden in 20 years.

@kritiper I like that. I like cooking and dinner parties. Could have used that for Thanksgiving.

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Well, I’m a 35 year old musician that’s rather poor (at the moment) & struggling to just get by. So, the perfect gifts for me would probably be: Getting my bills paid. Pants. Socks. Possibly food. I’m not really that picky & anything super extravagant just seems like a waste.

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I’m 37 and would love a new digital piano and violin. And a good quality set of headphones.

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I’ll be 47 on January 4. The only thing I ever want is a new, comfy Bronco’s or Cub’s hoodie.

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I’m a 54 year old female. I would like a hand cranked vegetable spiralizer like “This”:…....119.2197.0j20……..3..41.dAt%2B4kqtMwU%3D#imgrc=XeRjEA4b6K3ZQM:

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@Axemusica I can relate: When you’re a child, you want toys, you get clothes. When you’re an adult, you want clothes, you get toys.

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@Aethelwine My relatives in Colorado love the Cubs, because before the Rockies existed they got their baseball from WGN cable TV.

@Kardamom ZOMG I hope you get a spiralizer. I use zucchini “pasta” for the lunch I take to work, instead of pasta or rice. It is so much better. And for dinner parties, people FLIP OUT! They love it.

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@Call_Me_Jay I walk around in a Cub’s hoodie with a Bronco’s sideline knit hat in western IL where we have a bunch of Cardinals and Rams fans. :D

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Ewwww, Cards. Ewww.

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haha, exactly

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@kritiper When you’re a child, you want toys, you get clothes. When you’re an adult, you want clothes, you get toys.

That is tough. I had some friends who could use help with rent or groceries, and clueless mother in law (who has never worked a job) took their kid on a $20,000 cruise. She didn’t understand when they protested.

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The only thing I really want at the moment is a new money belt. My old one broke and I miss the security of it. I was able to keep a few hundred cash, the numbers to cancel the cards in my wallet, and a copy of my ID and passport in it.

So even if I lost my wallet I wouldn’t be totally screwed.

40 year old male

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A full auto electric airsoft steyr aug.

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I always love to get new socks. You can get cute ones or really fuzzy/comfy ones as gifts. Also I want one of those wand scanners so you can scan just about anything.

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I’m old and cheesy. I’m 63, and I have waaaay too much stuff, so I like either consumables (food you’ve made, for example) or time. An event, coffee or a meal out, one on one, means a lot.

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@62 I agree with @canidmajor I got plenty of stuff. My go to when people ask is to see if they can make a donation to their favorite charity in my name.
Last year my son sent a new pair of work boots to a man he met while working in San Salvador. The man was a local worker and they were both assisting in building a school and dorm building in a small village and the man was working in sandals the entire time my son was there. He was overjoyed; he had never owned anything other than sandals his entire life.

Barring that, a gift card to ½ Price Books is always appreciated.

What I want, but not as a gift (I will purchase myself when I feel I have enough spare cash) is a new camera, my old Olympus cratered last month. I am looking at the Canon 6D Mk II with a 24 – 70mm lens..

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@34 I want the classic snes! I never had one as a child so…

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A Brookstone back massager that you put on a chair. My son has one and it feels great.

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My college girlfriend.

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I’m a little older than @canidmajor and feel the same way about stuff and cheese. I don’t need anything. I do like going out and trying new foods. Cheese is always a great gift for me. It is consumable.

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If you are looking for ideas consider giving LED type flashlights. You can’t have too many.

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Mid fifties, and I would love a hand and a half (real, not a replica)bastard sword, to hang on the wall in my gun room, but can’t bring myself to spend the $600 for it, been asking santa for years but it never comes, starting to wonder if Santa is really real.

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@LuckyGuy, oh, god yes! I have (and give away every Christmas) a fleet of little, inexpensive LED flashlights that last forever and are immeasurably useful! :-D

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I love those little led flashlights, as a truck driver sure is nice to have one of those in your pocket at all times.
I will take a black one thanks @canidmajor I knew you were thinking of me. :P

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In our family, it now seems to be about food with the adults. A gift bag from Trader Joes is always a hit.

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@SQUEEKY2 you bet! I’ll send that right over to you!

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I usually get a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant for the kids in SF and send a food hamper or money for a night out to the Paris lot as well as toys for the kids. In addition, I give an animal in each grand kid’s honor to Heifer International.

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Apropos the title, I’d love new fishing gear and a license for next year. My old fishing gear was lost when a friend’s family cottage was sold with all the contents.

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A new surround sound system.

My old one’s woofer has woofed its last.

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An Astro-Physics 0.75 Quad telecompressor field flattener with corresponding exact spacing elements.

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An Astro-Physics 0.75 Quad telecompressor field flattener with corresponding exact spacing elements

Maybe Hawaii Jake can get you something better from Mauna Kea. They have the good stuff up there.

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I’m in my mid-50s, a somewhat quirky teacup like this would suit me.

Edit: Otherwise, a garden centre voucher never goes amiss with me.

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