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What is your perfect last supper?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) December 3rd, 2012

So only purreed if you really want it, ignoring all food allergies and health conditions. Cooked by chef of choice if you have a preference.

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Puréed? I’ll pass…

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Only pureed? Give me chocolate and peanut butter please.

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I meant the opposite. Only if you preferred it purreed. As if you really are a die hard juicer fine, but if you have swallowing or false teeth issues they are temporarily rendered a non issue.

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@ragingloli Revenge

Served cold, I presume.

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Slim fast with a little cyanide added. If I can’t get out of dying I would prefer to do it myself to the state getting to do it for me.

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Pizza and PBR. I had that tonight and it was pretty good.

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If it was my last supper before I got killed or something, frankly I’d prefer a shitload of beer lol.

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Two martinis up with olives. And an orange. Those are some perfect foods.

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Sausage sandwich & a flapjack, washed down with a keg of booze.

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One in which Jesus was not the central figure, for starters.

Otherwise, I guess March 14th would be good, “Steak and a Blowjob Day”.

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I will start with one of my special “Happy brownies“and then, several hours later when my creative drive slows down and my appetite is finely honed by the herbal delights I shall have a steak & lobster fest.
Lobster tail with T-bone steak, medium well and slathered in sauteed mushroom caps, a baked potato with the works, seasoned yellow squash, cole slaw, and then for dessert, after I digest for a few more hours, I will have lemon cheesecake with lemon sorbet.
Wait….make that Key Lime pie, no wait, Blackberry cobbler, no, uh…make it a dessert BUFFET! lol

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The foods not going to do me any good. I’d rather have oral sex. Giving to her and getting. And definately not purreed.

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@Adirondackwannabe Sooooo, your ideal last supper is supping from your womans lovin’ cup. lol
Why not have it all? Great food,drink,sex? Of course I am a hedonist at heart, takes very little for me to rationalize my indulgences. haha

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Two thick lamb chops, covered with garlic and rosemary, broiled medium rare. One large California artichoke with melted butter. Basmati rice with melted four year aged Vermont cheddar.

Hold the false teeth.

Although for dessert I would like a chocolate creme brulee with candied ginger, and a large cappuccino. I want to go to sleep with a beautiful young woman who adores me. I want to do fun things with her before I fall asleep. I want to die in my sleep, not knowing that was my last supper or last night with my lover.

This makes me very sad.

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Jacques Pépin says he wants freshly baked bread and freshly churned butter. That sounds good to me.

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Pepperoni and pineapple pizza.
I’m easy to please, and that is my favorite food in the world.
For dessert? That’s hard.
Lofthouse Frosted Sugar Cookies.

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Anything deep fried, with bacon and/or meat-in-a-tube! Wash it down with a good craft-brewed dark ale, and for desert Coloma brownies and dark roasted coffee.

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I forgot! Gummy bears for dessert. I have to have gummy bears, or else…I will be incomplete

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@rosehips Oh, we’ll in that case…

Olive Garden breadsticks
Carabbas calamari with marinara sauce
Carabbas lasagna

Dessert would either be Olive Garden pumpkin cheesecake, tiramisu, or coconut gelato. Or all three!

…my mouth is literally watering at the thought of it.

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Wow all that sounds yummy. Most of you aren’t too picky. Craziness.. some people live to eat and other eat to live. Guess last meals aren’t rated that high any more.

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For all you desert lovers.. my advice.. have them now.. just moderate a bit..

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@Symbeline Ha ha. Can I come to dinner? ;)

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Yup. We’ll die in style. :D

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