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Good buy.. the sansa (scandisk) 2gb fuzz mp3 player?

Asked by johns (2points) June 6th, 2008

2gb mp3 with radio picture and video playback. $80. I want to get it. I had a cheaper scandisk mp3 player 1gb, it played only music and had am/fm radio, but now it only works as a flash drive. will not power up. i was wondering if anyone has this player and could give me advice on its durability i guess. i just dont want it to work fine, and a few hours later i go to turn it on and it wont.

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I never bought any Sansa product! The first one I got, got freezed! Send it to factory, gave me a brand new, freezes in one week.. I hate Sansa

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LOL I’m sorry, but it was my first mp3, I refused to get an iPod… And look at me, now I love it.. But maybe you’re a lucky person ;)

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