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My best Friends Sister?

Asked by TEBOWHEISMAN07 (37points) June 6th, 2008

well one of my best friends has a sister, my friend is 17 and im 15 so is her little sister but up until recently i didn’t have feelings for her little sister but the other day they hit me like a freight train, is there anyway that i could date her without it making it awkward for my best friend?

can ya’ll help?

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I think the best thing to do is to see if the little sister likes you back or not… If so, ask her how she feels about it, or ask her sister how she feels about it. I’m thinking that the big sister probably wouldn’t care too much if she thinks you are good enough for little sis and wouldn’t break her heart. A flutherette could probably give you better feedback though. I hope that helps!

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noooooooooo. your friend would probably stop hanging out with you and your relationship would probably shortly end. unless your friend is very open to you and cool about it… which i probably doubt.

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all these “probably’s” are most likely not the best way to approach it. I suggest you ask someone like perhaps your mom or someone with similar situations. I think you should just wait it out for a bit til you get more responses before you do anything. The best advice you can get is from the opposite sex! Be patient, you will get the right answer in good time, my friend.

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Talk to your best friend about it. Tell him you have feelings for his sister. He is the only one who can really answer this question as far as how he would feel about your dating his sister. We can only guess. Good luck!

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just make sure not to break her heart, your bestfriend will break your legs.

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ninjaxmarc very true!

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ummmm… FYI guys, TEBOWHEISMAN07’s best friend is a female…. :P

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well i think older brothers are very protective of their little sisters. Has she had a boyfriend before because if she has then how did her brother react? Does he seem to overbearring wanting to know everything or does he not make it his business because it it was the overrprotective one i wouldn’t. But maybe you should talk to your friend about it but if your not comfortable with it just start talking about girls and maybe joke and say,“hey wt if i went out with your sister.” see how he reacts

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@ misslys, again, the best friend is a female

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oh okay, my fault then i dont think it would be that hard or complicated for the friend unless she had feeling for him as well. Then you hav a problem.

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dingus108 Thanks for letting us know, but it doesn’t change my answer.

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