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Do you know of any music composition competitions that are free / inexpensive to enter?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) December 4th, 2012

I’ve asked several music-related questions on Fluther before, but that was back when I sucked at music. Right now, I feel slightly more confident about my abilities, but I also feel like I won’t accomplish anything without a goal to aim for.

As far as composing, I haven’t yet sat down and written an entire piece. I’ve only written fragments of stuff. If there were some sort of competition to enter, I feel like I would be encouraged enough to sit down and finish a piece in its entirety. I consider myself a competitive person, at least in the field of music.

I also ask that the competition be somewhat inexpensive or free, since I know that my chance of winning is small. I don’t really care that much as to the amount of prize money.

I’ve done some searching over the Internet, but I have not yet found any suitable competition or similar event.

Some additional information is that I am currently a high school student, since there seem to be some competitions that are only for “young composers.” I also play clarinet, if that matters.

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