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Is it possible to know what the requirements for getting the last 6 awards are?

Asked by AshlynM (9270points) December 6th, 2012

I have just received the Perfecto-fish award but it doesn’t list what the requirement for getting that one is. If I pm’d a moderator would they tell me?

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Anyone who has the award can tell you privately, but not publicly. PM me, and I’ll tell you. :)

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I cant.
I can’t.
I shouldn’t tell you.
I shouldn’t tell you, however… I collected quite a lot of them already. :-)

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I know how you get that one, but I am not sure how I got a ;ot of the awards I have.

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Dam now I need to know loll

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Well, Shippy, first you might want to spell Dam with an n on the end….~ ;o)

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Oh, and then change loll to just be lol (unless I’ve missed a new mutation… in which case you could add some punctuation….) ~ ;o)

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@harple, you really didn’t need to put that in two posts did you? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I have 35 Perfecto-fish awards and only know why I got 34 of them. Still a mystery on that one. I am making it my life quest now. ~

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I’d like to know too. People are really good at keeping that stuff a secret for some reason, lol.

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