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Do you feel strongly about environmental issues?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 6th, 2012

1)Would you want to live in an eco-community now or in the future? Why or why not?
2)What drawbacks do you think residents might find living at Dockside Green?
3)What do you think is the most important “green initiative” for eco-builders at this time in history? Why did you choose this?
4)If there was a car share program in your community would you consider using it instead of owning a car? Why or why not?
5)How environmentally friendly is your current place of residence?
If money was no issue, what green improvements would you make to your home?

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I should probably feel bad that I had to look up “eco-community” and “dockside green.”

The answer to your question is no, I’m not nearly as concerned as I should be. Having an environmentally friendly washer and dryer is about as green as I get. Hell, my husband drives a big V8 truck…not much eco-friendly about that.

I envy those that are very concerned, though. :)

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Do you feel strongly about environmental issues?” Yes, I quite steadfastly don’t give a single f*ck :P

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Yep. A lot of people nowadays can’t seem to appreciate the beauty of nature and its significance; life today can really blind people from whats truly important.

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We have car share here, but we own our own car. A hybrid. We just insulated our house. We always buy the most energy efficient appliances. I ride my bike to work.

I’d live in an energy efficient community if it fit our social life style.

My dream is to install that heating system where you drill holes in the earth to extract heat and cooling. My brain can’t remember what it’s called right now. I’d like to drill holes inside our block so that every house on the block could benefit from it.

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No, I’m just willing to fight and possibly die for the biosphere. But the “issues”? No. Issue activism is a distraction from the reality that we are animals that depend on the world around us. It’s a way to let people feel like they’re helping when their only actions are purely consumer choices, which are useless since they exist only within the confines of a necessarily destructive system.

I’ve been working on organizing and training folks to form ecologically sound intentional communities. I’d love to finally build one.

My ideal home, if I had the money or resources to build it, would be an earthen home utilizing earthbags, semi-subterranean, centered around a rocket-mass heater, situated in a permaculture farm. A little solar power would be nice.

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Do yo ufeel storngly about environmental issues? Where are you in all these questions?

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