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What are some christmas presents that would benefit a college student?

Asked by Wine (636points) December 7th, 2012

I have an uncle to insists that he gets me a present for christmas even though I have all that I really need. I know my sister is receiving a new laptop, so I was thinking about asking for some type of electronic that would aid me in my studies. I have a macbook pro, is it possible that I get a desktop screen that I can connect to my laptop and use as if it were a computer? Any other suggestions?

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Money in the bank for a rainy day?

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Do you need cooking implements?
A gift certificate to a grocery store for a month’s worth of groceries?
Or a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant that you can’t afford to go to?
I’m in grad school and I know I would still love presents like this.

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What about a tablet? They are light, and you can download a lot of your college books onto it.

plus, Angry Birds kicks ass

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A tablet would be good! I agree with @filmfann. Or a netbook computer. Light and easy to carry but a bit more versatile than a tablet. Just saw you have a Macbook Pro .. so scratch this. Programs you need in your course? Dragon Naturally Speaking so you don’t have to always type? Adobe Creative Suite?

What about a functional but trendy bag? Something you really like.

A gift voucher for your campus book store.

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I’m with @gailcalled if it isn’t too unusual in your family to give money.

Food sounds good too as @bookish1 suggested. The GC card for a grocery store.

Unless you actually have plenty of money already.

I don’t like to get “things” I don’t really need. I rather save and then when I desire something in particular have the money available to buy it.

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If you are not in great need of cash, can you ask for an experience?

I know these things are not possible in all (most?) relationships. But if you think you could finagle a day out with your uncle, I would try that.

If your uncle is nearby, can he take you somewhere you would not otherwise go? The track? Some club? An exotic restaurant. Skiing or fishing or parachuting or shooting? His favorite hangout, whatever it is?

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A tablet is a good idea. You can also get keyboards for those as well so you can type easier on it.

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Absolutely… Get a second monitor. You can have a browser open in the second display and Word open on the laptop. I have three monitors hooked up to my Mac. Using a single one now drives me insane. If it is good enough for Al Gore it will work for you.

Seriously… Life changing.

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