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Are Etsy and AliExpress safe websites to use?

Asked by AshlynM (9348points) December 8th, 2012

Has anyone used them before and are they similar to Ebay?

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I’ve heard of Etsy before, it’s been around for a while, and it looks legit. The other one I don’t know of.

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Esty is an established website for crafters and artists to sell on the web.

Aliexpress is tied in with Alibaba which is a sketchy outfit, both of are questionable.

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Etsy is, in my experience, perfectly safe to use. It is well-known and I have always received amazing customer service from the sellers. You can use your Paypal account there, which I prefer to do as it’s a little safer. I have heard from other people that items come very late on occasion or that their seller was uncooperative, but that is why each shop has a rating system (similar to Ebay’s) where customers can rate the seller based on their purchase and any customer service they received. Most sellers will communicate with you and will be very cooperative if you have any concerns, but just like any site with individual sellers, there are some bad apples. Just make sure to use your best judgment before ordering from a store. If the store has several negative ratings and looks questionable, it probably is. In particular, be wary of sellers from Hong Kong. Some of these stores are okay, but I wouldn’t recommend ordering from one if it seems off. Also, make sure to read the seller’s policies as some do not accept returns. This doesn’t mean the store is unsafe to order from, just that if you’re on the fence about ordering an item, you might not be able to return it. As a whole, though, Etsy is a reputable site that is perfectly safe to use. I have made several great purchases there, as have people I know, and I highly recommend it!

I don’t know much about AliExpress, though. Hope someone else here does!

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I have used Etsy many times with no bad experiences. I’ve never heard of the other one.

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Etsy is a respected, honest site.

I wouldn’t touch AliExpress if I was you. They do not vet their vendors.

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Bought twice from an Etsy seller once. No problems. Know that a lot of these same sellers also offer their products in other websites. I also tried buying from Their approach in selling is effective. They collect only the cute, fun and attractive products…pool them and present them in a way that delights your eyes and compels you to buy.

They don’t make the products like Etsy. But when one of their sellers did not deliver, they quickly gave me a store credit. I didn’t mind at the time since there were so many fun products to choose from. Later on, I have to stop their emails from coming everyday. It was annoying. But they do give you an easy way out of those emails.

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Etsy is great. I have used it many times and even have a shop there. I have not heard of the other. It it is connected to Alibaba, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot poll.

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Etsy is awesome. I have used it for years, I’ve made dozens of purchases there, never a problem.

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I’ve bought from Etsy sellers many times, and have never had a problem. Each time you use it, you are dealing with a specific person, so there will always be an element of risk, but it has always turned out well for me, and there is a rating system, so you can get some idea of how trustworthy the seller is.

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There are some sites expressing doubts concerning AliExpress. I have not checked them out but I suggest you do. Type in “Aliexpress scam” and see what they say.

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I know people who use Etsy frequently, have never heard of the other site.

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I have only had one experience with Etsy. I saw a baby blanket and ordered it, paid for it with PayPal. It never arrived. I went through the process of reporting with both Etsy and PayPal and they both basically told me it was my tough luck. I never received the blanket or a refund. I have never used Etsy since but i do still use PayPal and have not had any other dramas with them. Of course I have had no other occasions to complain to them.

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Not familiar with AliExpress.

My daughter (seventh grade) has set up an Etsy shop (with my wife’s help). She is selling hand-crafted hand-felted scarves and hats to finance her participation in a class trip to Costa Rica. The shop has been up since November, and she has sold a few items. I expect we will be doing some more marketing via social media between now and April.

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