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I'm hoping to surprise a friend. has anyone seen this t-shirt design?

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) December 9th, 2012

My friend lost this shirt a while ago. I’d like to find an EXACT replacement if I could (it was a favorite).

I’ll post a Link to Images in the comment section below.

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(^ this link is to images of the T-shirt in my Flikr Photostream.)

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What about getting a copy of the image and having the t-shirt made at Zazzle or Cafe Press?

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If only I had some clearer pics, Still, not quite enough detail in the available photos. I have had extremely dissapointing results when using one of those print companies before.

I’m actually trying to find out WHO makes this design and BUY one- all without my friend knowing so it can be a surprise.

So if anyone recognizes the design- let me know where it is from so I can order one.

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I did a lot of searching but didn’t find the exact design. It kind of looks like some of Alexander McQueen’s designs. Do you have any idea where the shirt was purchased? If so, take your photos to the stores and see if anyone recognizes the design. Looks like it might have come from a skateboard shop or similar type of store, or even maybe Target. Try to find out where your friend shops. Good luck, it’s a neat design : )

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Wow Kardamom! Great searching. Even if that isn’t the maker of that shirt- it sure is VERY close in style- I may have to consider that designer . Sure to go over quite well. :)

I will keep looking for that match for a little while more, just to be sure.

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