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How much to tip for newspaper delivery?

Asked by skfinkel (13424points) December 9th, 2012

Just got the card and envelope to send to the delivery person with my Sunday paper, and I really don’t remember what I gave last year, or what is expected/appropriate. This is in SF, and I get the NYTimes delivered daily.


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I’d give them $25. That’s 50 cents per week, maybe I am cheap, but considering there is no interaction with them, I think it is plenty.

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I don’t think that @zenvelo is cheap… I tip my carrier a little bit more but my circumstances are a little bit different.

I pay the bill for my newspaper every two months and tip my carrier mostly $10, each time I pay the bill, sometimes more, but I have quite a bit of interaction with her because she often has to kind of hound me down to get me to pay my bill and she sometimes drops off a clip of bags for me to use for “poop” bags for my dog so we are on pretty friendly terms and I do have a fair amoutn of interaction with her, at least on the phone.

I think my tips to my carrier add up to about $60 dollars a year, but it seems fair to me because she does sometimes have to call me, more than a few times, when I am slow to pay, and she is very patient and good about it. And she keeps an eye on me, and all her customers. She worries when and if our papers build up, if she notices something different than usual, when she drops the paper off… she perhaps provides a more personal service than a lot of carriers do, so I tip her pretty well, I think. Maybe I’m cheap, who knows. :-)

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I think it should be about equal to $1 per month or around $50.

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@Yarnlady, I assume you mean $1 per week, not month. Right?

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@skfinkel Oh, you got me – yes, per week.

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I mentioned this in another post someplace but I give what most people would consider too much. (As does the only other neighbor with whom I’ve had this discussion.)
I won’t say what I give but it is more than $100 but less than $500. Why? My road is terrible; the guy is always there in rain and snow; and he delivers at 4 AM in the dead of night. He obviously works hard and, just as obviously, can use the money. That $ does not make a difference in my life but it makes a big difference in his.

I was a paperboy when I was 12. Keeping my 60 customers happy was like carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I remember the woman #1746 Dannett Rd, giving me a $5.00 tip! (Like $100 today) That was around 45 years ago and I still smile when I think about it. That was tangible proof she appreciated my service.
Did that money make a difference to her? Probably not. But it sure made difference to me. Now I am much more generous to working stiffs and less tolerant of people who just expect it from me. .
Maybe my tip to Bob will help him in unexpected ways.

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@LuckyGuy: It’s a similar situation to wait-people, who also need it probably more than I do. Thanks for your answer.

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@skfinkel Exactly. I tip them well. I also tip hotel housekeeping staff well if the room is spotless. \
Even “giving much more than I should” do you know how much difference it makes at the end of the year? $500? $800? Not even noticeable. However it sure makes a big difference to the unappreciated/underpaid housekeeping staff.

If you are not doing your job or are a stranger and come up to me expecting money the answer is always no.

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