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What happens if you didn't put the medication you were taking on your school form?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) December 10th, 2012

On the school form my parents filled out, I told them I didn’t want to put my medication on there because it wasn’t a serious medication. And I didn’t want to reveal my sickness. Now I am trying out for sports, and I need to fill any medication. What do I do, and am I going to be in trouble? Also, please don’t say “You should’ve! It’s your fault.”.

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Just say that you forgot that medication on the original form, and you want to make sure the forms are correct now.

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Simple oversight should be okay. You think addicts don’t lie?

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All rx meds are serious. The school should have a record of it in case you get into some kind of medical trouble. It will be confidential.

Follow @marinelife‘s always sound advice.

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I disagree a bit. I think you should talk to your doctor and see if the medication you are on should matter. You are entitled to your privacy and unless withholding the information can put you at some sort of risk, you have every right to keep your medical information private.

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Not every prescription med has serious side effects, and the school is not entitled to this information. Granted, I don’t imagine they’d do anything nefarious with it, but you’re not breaking a law by not disclosing this. I agree with @Judi; if your doctor does not believe your medication will affect your ability to safely do sports (which you should look into regardless) then it’s none of their damn business.

That said, the only reason they want to know is for your own safety – if you passed out during a practice, the nurse would need to know what you were on so that s/he doesn’t give you anything that could dangerously interact with your medication. They’re not trying to “out” your condition (although I understand your desire for privacy).

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