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Where on the body do you battle with the bulge more?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20145points) December 11th, 2012

Which parts do you find a nightmare to deal with and that nothing ever works? Is it belly fat, thighs or hips? Have you found anything that has made a difference?

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my kuritorisu. nothing helps.

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I’m pretty much all bulge and I find duct tape to be quite effective.

I’m kidding! (about the second part that is, my bulges are very real). My thighs are usually the worst though in terms of finding pants that will fit them. I end with pants snug on the thighs and loose on the hips.

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I’m what I call a “Hippy Chick” or as the song says “Little in the middle but she got much back.”

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Belly. Anyone want to invest in penguin belly futures?

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Not the top of my head, around the waist has been bulging.

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My gut and my inner thighs. Yeccch!

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Well, through a combination of diet, a little exercise, and a serious health issue, I’ve managed to lose 20 lbs in the last four months.

Unfortunately, all the weight loss in the world isn’t going to fix the deflated balloon of extra skin left behind by my ginormous offspring.

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I tend to be fuller in the belly and the bust, but I think overall I’m pretty proportionate. I’m not pear shaped, and I’m not apple shaped, so I’m not really sure. I don’t pack on weight in any one area of my body significantly more than others, if I gain weight I notice it everywhere. The only “problem area” that ticks me off is that I feel like my face gets fat first. Does that count?

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In my teens, 20s and 30s it was the thighs, booty and lower abs; now in my 40s, it’s all in the gut and hips.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – At least you got an offspring from the deal! I look like I had twins with what’s hanging around down there! How is the ginormous one doing, by the way?

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The belly…as usual, and I certainly can’t claim it is still the after pregnancy weight, considering my daughter is 25. lol

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If I say it in french, it doesn’t seem quite so big.

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That’ll be in the trouser dpartment, down boy, down!!

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Someone needs to give that boy an emitic! ^^ (Works a charm to detumesce)

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Also works well on bigheads, apparently.

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But best on little heads.
Oh, you didn’t think I meant the one down there, did you?
I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Your head is as big as they come.
I’m sorry. I’ll go home now.

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Hips and thighs, boobs sometimes too, but the place I hate most is my face.
Strict control of my diet and disciplined exercise is the only thing that works for me.

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@tedibear He’s doing quite well! Learning how to read, and starting to add double digits. Not bad for 4½, eh?

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I’m a superior specimen, so my ego at the moment. :P

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@Blackberry Fat head. lol ;-)

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Lower belly, butt, and thighs. Solution? Eat right and get off my butt. If you do it long enough, you start seeing a difference.

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Right around the middle. I got a good 40 lbs extra there. I can’t believe that when I was 20 I thought I was fat. Now I’m really fat. But not as fat as I was a month ago. I hope I can keep it off, and even take more off. I don’t know what is realistic. Another 20 lbs this year? Ten? My doctors say this is a long term project. So ten pounds a year might be more realistic.

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MIlo here; Last week, the vet mentioned, carefully, that I was starting to plump up just a little in the belly (the part that hangs down) area. He announced it while the assistant had me restrained, I might add, because there is nothing wrong with my musculature and powerful swiping and raking limbs. Gail does seem to be feeding me less…maybe if I swiped and raked her more, she would revert to the earlier bounty so I don’t have to mutiny.

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@gailcalled Have you gotten Milo a little treadmill yet, maybe you could dangle one of those little mousies from a string for motivation.haha

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@leopardgecko123 You can do side bends and sit ups, but please don’t lose that butt…....

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@Coloma Some cats love treadmills! Of course, some emphatically don’t.

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@wundayatta and @Seek_Kolinahr it’s great to hear some people work realistically toward healthy weight loss. Good job :)
I have many older family members who are dealing with the whole “I use to be skinny” “I can’t believe I thought I was fat in high school” “I’m sooo fat now” thing too. Unfortunatley, they try to lose weight the “fast and easy” way. This usually results in little to no results, but tons of time in wasted effort when they could have just worked toward a healthy life style.

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What is the fast and easy way?

In any case, I don’t want to yo-yo. That’s worse than staying fat. My doctor said it took me twenty years to put 50 pounds on. It shouldn’t be a surprise if it takes another twoenty to get them back off. Obviously, I hope to go faster than that, but if it takes that long and I do it, I’llbe fine.

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Belly. Only thing that has helped is a strict regime of sit-ups (100 daily) and other abdominal exercises.

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@wundayatta By fast and easy I mean diet pills or extreme diets. And not the sorta pills or diets that help someone along with a healthy weight loss plan, but the ones that are fads or promote themselves as “just take this and you can keep your bad habits. You’ll still lose weight!”. I’ve been fat all my life so I agree with you and your doctor about it taking time. I think that’s probably the biggest reason why people fail with losing weight. It takes time, patience, and endurance.

Hmm, I was observing family members after reading this question and have noticed that their most common bulge area is the stomach as well. The rest of their body tends to be leaner. I wonder why that is…

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@McCool Thanks, but I don’t recommend anyone lose the last ten pounds the way I have. I had the bad genetic luck to have a bum gallbladder, so I spent the past three weeks unable to hold down anything but smoothies made of crushed ice and strawberries.

It’s really easy to lose weight when there’s literally nothing you can eat.

Fortunately, modern medicine has removed that vestigial organ, and I can go back to a reasonable, balanced diet and in a few weeks, resume moderate exercise. Since that health issue has helped me to hit my goal weight, the focus now will be on body shaping – namely, getting this tummy in line.

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@Seek_Kolinahr been there, that’s no fun. Hope you’re feeling better.

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When I gain weight I carry it in my arms, face and belly and busts. Even when I am ‘skinny’ I carry it there too. I like my tummy I don’t mind it being there. But I realize there is health risks with a larger middle. But I also hear you need it for menopause. So I am confused on that issue.

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@Shippy (yay – she’s back!) You “need it” for menopause? I’ve never heard that.

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@janbb Oh great then I need not worry loll

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