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Do you like feeling a little hungry?

Asked by JLeslie (54569points) December 25th, 2012

If you do, why? Does it make you feel thin? Like you are losing weight? In control?

If you don’t, do you enjoy feeling full? Stuffed? Why? Does it make you feel calm? Sleepy? Spacey? Energetic? Does it make you feel fat?

No real effect either way? Food is just something you consume to live. You are rarely very hungry nor overfull.

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I have a complicated and profound relationship with food, because I love it but the type 1 diabetes means I (ideally) have to be very mindful of what I eat, and how much of it, and how many grams of carbohydrates and protein and fat are in every bloody thing.
Being hungry makes me nervous. I almost am never able to go long enough without eating to feel hungry without my blood sugar going either high or low, so I try not to let it get to that point. If I feel hungry, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between that and messed up blood sugar, so it makes me anxious.
I don’t like feeling stuffed, but I sure do let it happen sometimes.
I can’t understand people who just consider food to be fuel. I think it’s one of the most basic pleasures of being alive.

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Being hungry annoys me if I’m attempting to do something other than cook or go out to eat. Like I hate it when I’m doing something important, like shining my boots or wandering around abandoned libraries and then I have to stop, cuz I’m hungry. Eating is pretty cool though, but hunger gets annoying if you’re doing something else that didn’t plan around having to eat. And I find I can do very little when I’m even a little hungry.
So I gotta munch out, bro. Thankfully, eating kicks ass. Especially when it’s your enemies.

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The feeling of “suffering” I get from starving a little bit is only appreciated when I eat a big meal after the feeling. It’s that enhanced feeling of relief the starving beforehand provided.

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I find being hungry annoying. Great question by the way, as I never have thought about this before. Food all round is an annoyance to me, you have to shop for it, cook it after lugging it home and it always seems to be ‘gone’. So the whole cycle starts again.

I don’t feel thin when I am hungry, as I don’t aspire to be thin. I like the way I am but could do with some toning I admit. I have had in the past issues with food, it seems by what I wrote up there, I still do? Since as I said it’s just one of those things I have to do. It can take me a whole day to eat breakfast. Simply because it does not appeal. I do get mood swings from lack of food though. :(

I spent Christmas with health fanatics who main quest is to be skinny. Get a life people who cares what size your butt is, the size of your heart is more important.

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I always try to leave the table feeling a little bit hungry. I have read it takes a while for your brain to send the message to your gut that it is actually full. So if you eat until you feel full, you are actually stuffed! I love vegetables though and I know they are not particularly calorie laden so I do sometimes over indulge with them.

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After living with IBS for many years, I kind of hate food and resent having to eat it. I mean, it tastes good and all but I’d rather feel hungry than be in pain. But the doubly frustrating part about that is, my body doesn’t give me the usual hunger signals anymore with the empty feeling and tummy growling – I just get headachy and bitchy. I almost never feel overfull because I tend to eat really slowly, which apparently allows the fullness biochemical to be released before I consume too much food.

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I’m a hedonist at heart and have to keep myself on a short leash if I want to be in great shape, which I don’t anymore, so my leash has gotten longer. I agree with @Shippy the size of the heart is more important than the size of the ass.
Yes, sometimes, like today, being on the cutting edge of hunger is great, when you are waiting on a big, decadent meal to be done.
I have been terrible for weeks now, not eating breakfast and then snacking too much into the night. haha

Gotta get my breakfast duckies all in a row again.

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I like feeling content. So neither too hungry nor too full.

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Sometimes I do, because I know that in the very near future, I’ll get to enjoy eating. Eating is one of those things that we have to do so I might as well enjoy it.

Other times, it’s annoying because I have better things to be doing.

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When I cook something special. I want to be hungry so I can enjoy it. Last night I made Vegetable Lasagna. It was awesome.

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@philosopher Sounds great. I am about 20 minutes away from putting in a pot roast with all the trimmings to cook all day in the crock pot. I can’t wait!

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I feel very lightheaded and messed up if I go more than about four hours without eating. This makes me absolutely hate the feeling of hunger. Thankfully, I eat small meals, so I’m not in danger of getting fat or anything. People call me a bird because I eat so little and so often.

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I hope you get to relax and enjoy it.
We had to go out and pick up a few things today. It is raining, sleeting and snowing. Not pleasant.

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I like feeling what I call comfortably miserable. The way you feel after you’ve eaten WAY too much good food. Like say at a Thanksgiving, Christmas or Cracker Barrel dinner.

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I eat food to be healthy.

I never crave any one kind of food but I try to eat healthy. After I finish a workout or a long day at work I simply want healthy food for my belly. I eat whatever my wife prepares for me. She is a dietitian. So I eat lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetable, fish and small amounts of salt, sugar, red meat and chicken and junk foods. I never touch tobacco, drink alcohol, or do other drugs and I haven’t eaten ice cream in many years.

I get my best physical running workouts when I’m hungry. It makes me feel ready to fight. Just because I happen to feel hungry dose not mean that I’m out of energy. I usually have plenty of energy (stored glycogen and fat) to get through any workout, marathon or triathlon that I sign up for. Carbo-loading the day before helps where I go by the Chinese rule of “8/10 full” and so I never stuff myself full.

Sometimes I feel hungry during the day in between meals. It doesn’t bother me. I just blow it off knowing that I’n not going to starve to death. I can live off my fat cells until it is meal time again. HA!

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I don’t like feeling hungry. It tends to make me try to find food to eat, and I don’t need to eat food. I much prefer spending time with interesting friends, or engaged in an interesting project. Those things make me not so bothered by hunger pangs.

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