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What is a good flat TV wall mount that can swing out at a 90 degree angle from the wall?

Asked by jca (35976points) December 11th, 2012

My bed is against the wall. I want to have my 40 inch TV mounted against the wall but be able to swing out 90 degrees so it can be viewed from the bed.

Most mounts I see are designed for the TV to be against the wall and angled a few degrees right and left. If I order this on the internet, I don’t want to order the wrong thing and then have to deal with returning it.

What’s a good mount for a 40 inch flat screen so it can be swung out and viewed at a right angle from the wall?

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I bet this: (sorry, fluther won’t handle link properly, maybe search on Sanus – Tilt and Swivel Wall Mount for Most 37–65” Flat-Panel TVs – Extends 20” – Black at Best Buy). lt would do the trick, but it seems expensive. This search got a ton of items, some of which were less than $100.

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I can’t even imagine that such a product is commercially available. This is a complex and ultra heavy-duty application.

Hanging a device such as a flat-panel television against a wall is one thing, and it presents a fair challenge to the manufacturer and installer. Asking for a device that will not only accomplish that, but will also swivel the entire set a full 90° from the wall presents structural challenges (to the building itself, that is) as well.

It’s not a terribly complex design challenge, but when you find the product (if you do) you will probably discover that it is large and ugly, terribly heavy, not conducive to “bedroom furniture” (you’re talking an industrial type product) and will probably require expert installation to insure that it doesn’t damage wall studs (or the wall itself) when it’s used.

By all means, keep looking, but what you find won’t look like the standard offerings for “wall mounts for televisions” that most manufacturers offer. It’ll be big, heavy and expensive, if it exists at all.

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@CWOTUS: My cousin (rich woman who lives in a multi-floor unit in NYC) has a TV that swings on such a wall mount. Their living room has the TV against the wall and then when they’re in the dining room, the TV swings out from the living room wall and faces almost 180 to the dining room. They’ve lived in this apartment about 8 years and they did none of this themselves, so it was contracted with the electronics store and voila – magically the apartment was completed, therefore, I can’t get any manufacturer information from her. I am not looking for one as extensive as she has, I’m only looking for 90 degrees.

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I have a mount that does this, and I use it for exactly the purpose you describe. This, this, or this – which of the three you buy will depend on the mounting screw configuration on the back of your tv. The awesomest thing about the VideoSecu mounts is that they can be put up on one stud, and they swivel and tilt however you want – plus they’re super cheap, and strong. After the initial nervous moment of letting it take my 42-incher’s weight, it was obviously strong enough – but make sure your tv’s weight is within the mount’s range. My mount is not exceedingly heavy and did not require expert installation. It is invisible behind the tv when folded against the wall, and is not ugly when extended.

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Aha! Now that I am on my computer (sorry for the mobile links above, and the irrelevant one – I forgot which size tv we were talking about), here is my own model. My review is in there somewhere.

Extra info I spent a while gathering: The main thing to be aware of if you choose this mount (and, I think, the main reason for the few negative reviews of it) is that they may not provide enough screws, depending on your tv’s screw configuration (mine happens to be the rare VESA 400×400 type – which is why I picked this model, with the extenders – and I ended up needing four more than they included), and the screws you need, depending once again on your tv, could be in mm rather than in. These screws are not as hard to find as the internet might lead you to believe: they can be found at maritime hardware stores and at Home Depot. Additionally, a few of the included screws were a little short – but it was only about $2 to swap them out.

Edit: My review

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@Tropical_Willie It could be. But mine was at a store and had a bunch more pictures of it in use.

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@wundayatta That one covers @jca requirements.

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