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What is a good sign you've been watching too much TV?

Asked by Frenchfry (7589points) September 24th, 2010

For two days I been in bed for a bad tooth. I have been watching the show House for two days straight.It is now 3am. I just had a nightmare my neck blew up and burst like a frog. I think that is a good sign.

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That’s exactly what TV is for. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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Perhaps when all those things you said you were going to be doing that morning, are still sitting waiting to be done 8 hours later :)

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Your fine, untill you catch yourself watching Jersey Shore.

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I just had my gallbladder removed a few months ago and I totally got hooked on Antiques Roadshow. Maybe it was the pain pills, I don’t know. The interest waned as I started healing and life became more accessible again. I wouldn’t worry.

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Your day is broken up into three acts.

You end all your conversations by, ‘throwing to commercial.’

Every morning, you hum a theme song.

Before you go to bed, you recite the names/occupations of everyone you met that day, as an end credits sequence.

You believe your phone number begins with, 555-

You refer to your possessions as ‘props’.

Before a big discussion, you invite everyone over for a table read.

There is small piece of white tape on the floor, where you’re supposed to stand when you answer the door.

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You wish that your relationship with your wife were as intimate as your relationship with the Kardashian sisters.

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@Frenchfry Maybe it’s not how much you watched, but what you watched. Maybe if you had watched a Julia Childs rerun, you would have dreamt about making a fabulous chocolate cake. Which I want right now…

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If everyone in the household is happy, watch tv, play on the internet, or whatever. If a person is not taking care of their responsibilities, they should reevaluate their priorities.

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Not to sound flip, but I think you know you’re watching too much TV when you wonder and ask if you’re watching too much TV—although when you’re ill, it’s very comforting to be able to lose yourself in the tube. Not sure medical shows are the best medicine, though. I tend to shy away from TV shows about sickness and death, especially when I’m ill.

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When you start considering changing things about your real life in order to watch TV. for example, thoughts like “hmm, should i work an extra hour of over time, or should i leave now and get back in time to watch the simpsons?” that would be a sign you are watching too much. (they will just repeat the show in a week anyway)

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By the way, @Frenchfry, I watch too much television, myself. Even when I’m not sick. Hope your tooth is better today.

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Lately I’ve been unmotivated and feeling low from personal things, and I’ve been watching far too much TV. It feels like it’s sucking out my brain. Then I feel guilty for wasting so much time. It reminds me of my childhood. I had older parents that lived their life way before I was born. My mother was 44 when she had me and my father was 50 at the time of my birth. When I was a kid they treated me like a buddy and if they didn’t want me around, I had a TV in my room. They barely interacted with me so I had the TV on always. As I got older I hated TV. I never had cable, ‘till recently. Now I find it a comfort, but a part of me feels like it takes away from me because I rather watch films (which I love). I’m a film freak. When I watch too much TV. I feel guilty,because I feel it takes away from life. I rarely do, but lately. I’m going through a heartbrake. I was watching the Jersey Shore earlier, thinking why???? There is no story!!! They fuck and argue! It’s more boring than real life!? P.s. I’m drunk, so um weird fluthering
@Austinlad I agree with you. Plus I can’t stand commercials. I much rather watch films.

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When i have to reattach my eyeballs to my head from the floor is a pretty good sign that i need to stop watching and get into my car and head to WalMart.

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Deja VU, when you catch yourself watching jersey ShorexD

I think when you know all the days the tv shows are on and what time and which day and whats gonna happen.
Iam one of those people, but at the moment they closed cable for our TV so I just watch something online -right no I am watching the Gates.

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You’re in bed with a bad tooth. There’s really not much you else you can do but read or watch TV, and they both can give you night mares.

Hope you get well soon.XD

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When the bed is covered with dirty dishes and food particles. lol
No, I hope you get better soon. What’s wrong w/the tooth? If I rub oil of oregano on a tooth the pain stops within half an hr. But you’d probably have to buy it over the internet. Best Wishes!

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Got my tooth pulled this morning all better. It was a molar in the back. I could of paid for like a root canal and the whole bit. I figured to pull it because it’s cheaper. I am so much better! No more TV, or as much.

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You try to use the remote to make a coffee

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When you can quote every single commercial you see. I think that’s a good sign.

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You find yourself quoting Cartman from South Park.

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@dkranzberg “Respect my authrata”

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I know how you feel. I have a bad sprain in my left ankle. I’ve been watching a lot more TV than usual and I always have crazy dreams.

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