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Whats the longest you've ever been away from your friends and how was it for you?

Asked by Miss_Lys (97points) June 7th, 2008

I havent’t seen or talked to my best friend for 7 months since November and I feel its depressing.

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I have lived 1000 miles away from my daughter, who is also my best friend for the past 6 years. It’s very painful for me. but I am moving back within the year.

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The longest I’ve gone without seeing a friend is five months because she was studying abroad in Paris. One of my best friends goes to school at UCSC (about two hours away) and I see her about every two or three months at least. Another one of my best friends lives less than ten minutes away and I see her pretty much every day. <3

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Well i used to live in New Zealand and i had great friends over there that i have been friends with since i was 7 (I’m 16 now) and then my parents up and move me to Tasmania (that crappy little island on the bottom of Australia) and so now i see them once a year when My family go back to New Zealand for New Years.

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friends are like ants… They are everywhere. Have a picnic, make yourself available, and new ones will find you.

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playthebanjo: Awww, how cute. =]

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(I left out the part where they start biting the crap out of your ankles)

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I’ve lived in a different country to my old friends for over 8 years. We stay in touch over phone, email and occasional visits (once every 1–2 years).
It changes your relationship, but makes it all the more special when you do get together.

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