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Any special plans for 12/12/12?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) December 12th, 2012

This is a date that only comes along once in a century. And of course, numerology counts 12 as an important number. So any big plans for today’s spectacular numerological convergence? How big must 12/12/1212 have been?

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Staying in tonight and going to bed early. Yay!

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I’m going to re-read Cheaper By The Dozen.

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Biology exam :(

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Finishing my Christmas shopping.

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My daughter was looking forward to this date at school so she could write those numbers. Aren’t 3rd graders cute? Unfortunately, this is the 5th day she’s missed school due to a virus and feeling nauseous. The only thing special I’m doing today is picking up our oldest child from college. Today is his last final exam before winter break. Time to stock the fridge!

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too late lol.
Also, it is not 12.12.12. That was 2000 years ago. It is 12.12.2012.

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Nowt special I 1 2 do.

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I’ll celebrate at lunch today. At 12:12 to be exact.

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Usual chores…cash, gas, food, library, post office and drugstore. Then write some condolence notes, exercise, torture Milo for a while and the next-to-last episode of Survivor tonight.

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I had to take my son to his first appointment at the childhood psychiatric unit at the local hospital. It is like taking poison and being fucked up the ass at the same time. You present your child, knowing that they are full-on fucked up in some way and there is nothing you can do and nothing you can say that is going to make the situation better in any way. No way to talk comfortably and no way to sit comfortably. And all you really really really want just a big hole to open up and swallow you into the ground.

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@cazzie No hope that it might help?

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So far all I have done is work and will conbtinue to do so until about 6.30pm. Then I will go home and relax as I do not have to work my second job tonight! Nothing special though.

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I’ll be doing sound checks- “Test One Two One Two One two”

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@gailcalled Are you rooting for Lisa? I’d like to see her win. I wasn’t thinking of Survivor until you mentioned it.

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P90X Kenpo X

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@jonsblond: No. She is too sanctimonious and overly pious and is starting to make my teeth ache. She is also getting too much air time. I like and admire the young guy with the idol and the wiry, can-do woman with the amazing energy and stamina.

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I liked Malcolm and Denise from the beginning, but I’m afraid they won’t make it to the final three. I have a hard time not liking Lisa. I was a Facts of Life fan when I was a young teen. I have a feeling she’s getting the air time because she makes it to the final.

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@cazzie <hug> </hug>

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Go home and organize things in my apartment. Return something to the store. Maybe watch a dvd. Have I bored you yet?

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I plan to be at the next one.

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Try to live through it. Suicide seems like a great idea these days since homelessness is on the horizon.

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I had a hell of a time on the 06/06/06!!

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I’m not doing much interesting today, but I have already experienced my time zone’s 12:12:12 12/12/12.

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Nothing beyond wishing a happy birthday to 3 people who have birthdays today.

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How come people aren’t playing the dozens ?

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That’s the answer I got just now when I put 12/12/12 into Google.

Seems sufficient to me.

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My special plan is to not lose my shit with this paper, I haven’t slept in soooo long, once again.

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School. :(

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There’s this about it in Slate Magazine. Taking up @ragingloli‘s note about this really being 12/12/2012 and only being truly remarkable when kept in two-digit notation, I am flabergasted that Slate’s top 10 dates list includes pi (3/14/1592) and Avagardo’s number (6/02/1023) but ignores 12/12/1212 as completely unremarkable.

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Perhaps the custom of designating months by number when writing dates doesn’t go back very far, @ETpro; in which case no one may have paid much attention to numeric equivalents and symmetries.

Not all that long ago, some of our Western cultures reckoned dates in relation to the ecclesiastical calendar as commonly as, or more commonly than, the standard Gregorian month-and-day notation we now use; for example, Holy Thursday, or St. Swithin’s Day, or two days before All Saints Day.

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Hmmm I missed it. It flew past without me even remembering. It is now the 13/12/12/

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I had my hair cut and colored.

@Bellatrix Except in America where it is 12/13/12. Well, the east coast will be in 20 minutes.

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Here in Massachusetts, we had two babies born at 12:12 on 12.12.12/11971628/17753514//oicpovz/-/index.html, one in Boston and one in Worcester. They are definitely special. Check the video.

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