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What's out of bounds when you are throwing a wedding shower?

Asked by Whattodo (104points) June 7th, 2008

The bridesmaids are planning the party, but the bride’s aunts and her 82-year-old grandmother will also be there.

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well i know what you throw after the wedding…TOAST!!! RHPS fans will know about this. lol

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62 years ago boomin granny was getting her groove on. Give her a night that lets her reminisce.

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The only thing out of bounds is how much the bride can handle. If she is naturally a modest person, you shouldn’t throw a shower with an overtly sexual theme. Also, if this is going to embarrass her and make her uncomfortable because her aunts and grandmother are there I would tone it down. I would recommend asking the bride how much she would be comfortable with with her older relatives in the same room.

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