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Have you ever accidentally given someone lurve?

Asked by lovelyy (1132points) June 7th, 2008

i usually fluther with my iphone right before i sleep and while i’m scrolling down i sometimes hit great answer.

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This just happened to me the other day, and it was really bad. The person I gave lurve to was saying something I completely was against, but I read it wrong.

EDIT: When I realized it, though, I said so. That I had given it by mistake and had misread the comment. I didn’t want people thinking that any one agreed with the guy who gave said horrible comment.

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aww. I often flutter on my iPhone in bed before sleep too. I wonder how common that is?

I agree though, this I big problem on the iPhone.

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someone mind telling me what “lurve” means? lol

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@monsoon, Yep, in fact I just did it yesterday when fluther was experimenting with making the “Great Answer” link a different color. Don’t worry about it since it’s pretty easy to do (“Great Answer” is pretty close to “Flag as”) and judging form the other responses here, it is unfortunately common.

Perhaps there should be a confirmation popup whenever you hit “Great Answer”.

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One of the great things about fluther though is how smooth everything runs together if you get what I’m saying. Adding a pop up or confirmation dialog would hinder that smoothness though don’t you think?

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but what if the confirmation was fed by an algorithm where if someone had already great answered it wouldn’t show up… Or if the longer it had been up without a great answer the confirmation message could get increasingly sarcastic (“come on…you are gonna great answer THAT?”)

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Yup! Oh well…

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Once I nearly did. We were camping and it was very dark. I got into the wrong sleeping bag and got busy. Something tipped me off before it quite got to that stage – much to his disappointment.

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I was painfully disappointed.

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