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Do you buy medicinal marijuana?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 13th, 2012

Do you tend to stick to a certain make or do you bounce around?

Are you a sativa or indica? Maybe one or the other on different days?

Do you hold a job that required a college degree and use medicinal marijuana?

Are you a manager with good standing with your company and use medicinal marijuana?

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I don’t use it even though I live near Oaksterdam as we call Oakland. But I don’t use mind altering drugs because I have an addiction problem.

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I don’t buy medicinal marijuana but I have a “gardener” that provides me with some delicious bits of shrubbery for my “medicinal” Happy Brownies. I prefer the purple strains, amazingly creative high, which is my main reason for the occasional indulgence. Enhances my writing and gardening and creative household projects, like painting my walls metallic bronze so to better showcase my favorite painting and find the 439th really cool, rearrangement of my furniture. lol

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It’s a great benefit to my career as a cruise ship pilot.

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I’m not a card holder but the weed I buy is medical marijuana as that is what is widely available here. It’s good shit. I prefer sativas. My old job I used to be able to smoke every day before work and it benefited me, my mood specifically, however now I waitress and I’m a total scatterbrain if I smoke before work. I think it’s more mental than anything else.

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I used it like twice in my whole life.. It helped me a lot..

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