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Do you know anyone that is obsessed with a media star?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) December 13th, 2012

I personally can see no reason for it. That’s why I am asking.

I have a friend who is for example obsessed with Madonna. This lasted his entire 38 years on this earth. He can recite all the words of all her songs, has most photo’s ever published and some not. He did eventually work close to her recently. But that is not the point.

What makes a person invest so much time and energy into another person? Who by all accounts they may never meet. Not in a real way at least. What is your experience of this? Do you know someone like this? How did it effect your life?

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I used to know somebody who was completely obsessed with a musician to the extent that they picked where they were going to spend 6 months of their life studying purely on the fact it was in London where they stayed.

I remember seeing a fan group website and it was more like Stalkers Not So Anonymous as they had details of all of the bus routes to his house, pictures of his house, how you would get there via the tube and everything else you would need and they thought this was brilliant.

They had all of their singles, albums, (including versions of the same album released in different countries) any image they could get their hands on, t-shirts and this all culminated in them having a hatred for the wife of the guy. (and this was a common theme on the fan group)

It was bonkers and it was surprising how many people were like this and if you said anything bad about them (I hated their music), then you felt as if you were going to recreate the image from Platoon with the soldier on his knees, back arched, arms in the air, as you were shot down for daring to question the apparent God like status of this man.

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Not me. I could care less about any Hollywood or celebrity garbage.
Other than being a little bummed when a celebrity or musical icon dies that I have enjoyed, nope.

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MIlo here; I am above the fray but Gail goes wall-eyed whenever Alan Rickman is mentioned. But as we know, she is of limited intelligence.

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I know a ton of people who are into stars. They are just really inspired by them. They are hardworking people who don’t want any part to do with living such a lifestyle and to admire it from a far is good enough for them. Stars sacrifice the norms to be in the public eye. I see nothing wrong with admiring them. Most of us will end up working jobs and raising kids without the pressure of the public eye on them, at least to the degree of stars. More than anything I think the infatuation and inspiration is what is exciting. People are generally exciting about things or people because it takes their mind off their reality if not for a brief moment, either through a 2 hour movie or a 3 minute song or a 4 day book read. It’s all good! :D

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It is not at all uncommon amongst people for long periods of time, especially people admiring musicians. I know people that have seen Springsteen over 40 times, my ex brother in law has seen Blue Oyster Cult over 100 times, Deadheads that saw the Grateful Dead 200 times per year.

Sometimes it affects people’s lives, but other times it can be a harmless obsession. No worse than a die-hard football fan, whether it’s the Chicago Bears or Arsenal.

But @Shippy I think your friend could not have been fixated for 38 years, since Madonna didn’t put her first album out until 1983. Besides, his whole life? Even when he was under 10?

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I have an old high school friend who is obsessed with the band Phish. She’s 41 and it’s all she talks about on Facebook. I would say about 75% of her posts are about the band. She mentions the band members birthdays, when and where they are playing, how sad she is when she can’t make a show, how happy she is when she gets to see them. I think she’s only mentioned her children a handful of times since we became Facebook friends 2 years ago. I just don’t understand the fascination. I’d rather hear about her children.

I do have a couple friends who live in Los Angeles and they always mention their celebrity sightings. One was so excited when he sat near Pamela Anderson when they were dining at the same restaurant. All I have to say about that is meh.

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I’m obsessed with media weather. Yay…maybe snow showers coming…damn it, I want to see more than only 3 snowflakes coming out of the cloud graphics. 5 snowflakes means big snow. lol

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Not really. I don’t pay much attention to the media, nor to people who obsess with it. I think teens are most likely to have such obsessions.

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My mom is bi-polar so obsessions sometimes are frequent, but she’s had a slight obsession with Brad and Angelina for a while now. Brad is originally from our town, so we’ve got the hometown boy done good thing going, but yeah, it’s kind of funny.

Personally I could care less. I worked at a Lamborghini dealership and we sold to a few celebs but they are just like the rest of us (for the most part anyway!) but I did get a few good jokes out of it. Like I can say I met Jesus, because I met Jim Caviziel who played Jesus in the movie…other than the joke material I could care less tbh….lol

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My niece is obsessed with Robert Pattinson. She once met him because she is friends with the daughter of the movie critic in town. She got to interview him and the answers were in the movie review, I think. She’s got his posters all over her walls, and I think she visits his fan site regularly. They have a photo of them together that is on her Facebook page.

I keep hoping she’ll grow out of it because, frankly, it’s kind of boring. But I don’t get to see her that often so it doesn’t affect me much.

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I read the Daily Mail, but that’s about it- some of these stories are really weird, especially the phish one-

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@KNOWITALL That is a feature of Bipolar?

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This is so embarrassing to admit, but from the ages of 12 to 15, I had a crazy obsession with pro-wrestler Triple H. I had a blanket with him on it, bought books and DVDs about him, frequented his official fan site on a daily basis, went to see WWE events when they came into town, watched every single match he was in, researched his personal life, etc. Yikes! I don’t even watch wrestling anymore.

Starting at 15 or 16 (too young), I started watching the Showtime series Queer as Folk and developed quite an obsession with it. I would rent the VHS tapes from Hollywoid Video and wake up at 4am to watch the episodes, purchased all the seasons, wrote/read fanfiction about it, etc. The obsession focused on one of the actors, Gale Harold. This lasted until I started dating my husband. I now have no obsessive tendencies. :)

I’m 23 now and I still love Queer as Folk and Gale Harold, but it’s certainly not an obsession. I appreciate the show for its contributions to the LGBT community, the storylines, and, quite frankly, the steamy m/m action. And I do continue to follow Gale’s career, because I appreciate him as an actor and, from what I’ve seen, as a person. It has nothing to do with him being an actor and he’s not some big famous movie star, so my adoration of him stems from the same place as my adoration for wonderful people elsewhere. I don’t spend any significant amount of time, effort, or money obsessing over him.

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@Shippy It is with my mom, or fixations. :) But she takes a pill for it. (that’s supposed to be funny) It’s also kind of scary sometimes because I’m never really sure if she’s joking or serious.

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I have a healthy appreciation (and lust) for Johnny Depp, but I wouldn’t call it an obsession.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Who doesn’t, HE’S A HAWWWWWWTIE!!!! Esp in his little glasses and nerdy clothes – lol

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@WillWorkForChocolate Oh, I have that for a few stars. Johnny, of course, as well as Gerard Butler, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth…those boys put the “yum” in daaaaa-yum. :)

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Oh and my stinky shirtless boyfriend Matt McConahey and my Irish lover Collin Ferrel- both are delish. Ryan is hot, LLL21.

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My sister was obsessed with a media star when she was younger. She stole the money I was saving up for a car and told me she needed it to go to Hollywood so she could marry him. When I pointed out he was already married, she said “So was I when my husband’s current wife came along.”

She got on a bus and went to Hollywood, but the guy she married there was a chicken plucker. Really, that was his job, he worked in a chicken processing plant.

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OMg! i LOVE this question: @livelaughlove21 thankyou, I loved what you wrote. @KNOWITALL hehehe I loved it… I’m in love with Colin Ferrel too lol! I laughed so hard reading these…

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I was just talking about this the other day with my grandma Britney Gaga & she said this would never have happened in her day ;¬}

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Yes. Me. I am mad about Barbra Streisand and have spent, what other people may consider, far too much money to collect memorabilia, music, movies and see her in concert. Babs is very much a part of my life as any family member, she just plays a different role!

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