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Chantix, anyone? have you tried it?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16357points) December 14th, 2012

Yes I searched the previous thread and did not find it speak to my problem. I am not a butthole smoker nor rude wherever I may be. My brother in law brought it up that I should look into it. I obey all smoking rules, everywhere. I also don’t want to do it anymore. My question is specific is regards to chantix, and whatever if may be called in the uk. Thank you.

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It was a miracle drug for my husband and me. I haven’t smoked since May 1 and he was about five days behind me.

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A classmate of mine used it. He said that it helped him to quit smoking but that it also gave him very vivid nightmares. He opted to keep the nightmares until he was sure he had kicked smoking.

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A friend of mine tried it, didn’t work for her and ever since she gets really hot all of the time.

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