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How many Christians here feel that a free thinker is Satan's slave?

Asked by basstrom188 (2972points) December 14th, 2012

I believe that it is a practice for some churches in the US to place a sign outside their premises declaring that a “free thinker is Satan’s Slave”. How many of the Christians amongst you actually believes this statement to be true or knows somebody who does.

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If your faith is so insecure that you can’t tolerate independent thinking, then your faith is a fallacy.

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What an odd thing to believe. It’s a denial of one’s God -given brains.

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God gave us minds and gifts of our own. Why not concieve your own notions from the heart??

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Me but I encourage free thought and all the questions that come with that. God welcomes all the questions and encourages us to seek answers. Please realize that man is fallible and we are poor examples of God’s love and mercy.

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I am in the process of studying to become a pastor and to be quite honest I strongly disagree with that statement. I believe that a sign of Christian maturity is the ability to think clearly and for yourself in the world and what matters most instead of blindly following the status quo that society and the media tries to forcefully shove down our throats. Jesus dared to stand up to the status quo to free people up to follow God in what really matters and not the religious institutions for their own sake and ultimately that led to the leaders needing to take him out on the cross. So to insist that free thinking is of the devil is in a way to call Jesus a devil, which is why I think that claim is outrageous and completely wrong.

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What do Satan’s slaves do? What is a free thinker?

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A lot of great thinkers and philosophers were Christians, so fuck that saying. I mean if God is real, I’m pretty sure He wanted peeps to use the brains He gave em. Despite what the church itself has to say.

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@basstrom188 I doubt you’ll get many people here to admit they believe something so obviously stupid.

@burntbonez Presumably, Satan’s slaves do whatever he tells them to do. And “free thinker” is a term secularists sometimes use to describe themselves.

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Hell yeah.

I’m a slave to the horned one, no doubt. I fuck shit up on the regular with my wandering, free-thinking mind.

<makes devil horns with fingers>

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To paraphrase what @Symbeline said,

“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”
― Galileo Galilei

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