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Do you know God as a Person?

Asked by marcosthecuban (429points) May 25th, 2009

i grew up studying christianity and thinking i was a christian because my family was and i went to church. but recently i realized that i’m caught up in religion. i’d like to know about the Messiah and figure out how to separate him from the religion.

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God does not exist

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No. Zeus isn’t hanging out at my local grocery store, Odin wasn’t at the holiday party, Yahweh wasn’t next to me on the airplane, and I haven’t seen any book reviews from Allah lately.

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Even if I don’t know Him, he knows me. That’s all I need!

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yeah, not really

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I can’t say I know such an “entity”, and who is to say if there were such an “entity” that it is a “person”, and not perhaps a dog? I have more respect for some dogs than I do for some persons.

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I thought he was God, not a person..sorry.

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The teachings and ordinances of the divine religions are of two kinds. The first are spiritual and essential in nature—such as faith in God, faith in Christ, faith in Moses, faith in Abraham, faith in Muhammad, the love of God and the oneness of the world of humanity. These divine principles shall be spread throughout the world. Strife and enmity shall disappear, ignorance, hatred and hostility cease and all the human race be bound together. The second kind of ordinances and teachings concern the outer conditions and transactions of the world of mankind. They are the nonessential, accidental or temporary laws of human affairs which are subject to change and transformation according to the exigencies of time and place. For instance, during the time of Moses divorce was permitted, but in the time of Christ it was made unlawful. In the Torah there are ten commandments concerning retribution for murder, which would not be possible to enforce at the present time and under existing conditions of the world. Therefore, these nonessential, temporary laws are superseded and abrogated to suit the exigencies and requirements of successive periods.

But the followers of the divine religions have turned away from the principles and ordinances which are essential and unchanging in the Word of God, forsaking those fundamental realities which have to do with the life of the human world, the eternal life—such as the love of God, faith in God, philanthropy, knowledge, spiritual perception, divine guidance—holding these to be contingent and nonessential while wrangling and disagreeing over such questions as whether divorce is lawful or unlawful, or whether this or that observance of a minor law is orthodox and true. The Jews consider divorce lawful; the Catholic Christians deem it unlawful; the outcome is discord and hostility between them. If they would investigate the one fundamental reality underlying the laws revealed by Moses and Christ, this condition of hatred and misunderstanding would be dispelled and divine unity prevail.
(Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 444)

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Nah, he never returned my calls.

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As humans, to relate to God, we must personify God. That is as close as we can ever get to God in our current state of physicality. Upon becoming non physical, we relate to God on a higher plane of awareness.

We cannot know God as God truly is. We are incapable of doing that currently. Perhaps we can never truly know God in any state of our existence. But our relationship to material things of this world will only send us in the opposite direction from God. God is in this world, but God is not of this world.

We are in this world, but it is our choice whether we are of this world or not. You have free will. Use it to move closer towards this world, or closer to God.

This world will never bring you closer to the Person of God. Only you can do that.

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He lives in us all…. Blah blah blah

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I thought I did. I thought he guided my thoughts and actions, and took an active role in human life. However due to a set of logical fallacies I came across, I realised that the Christian God simply cannot exist. Since that realisation, and my subsequent consideration of my ideas and values, I have woken up to the world and lost my comforting delusion in favour of the real joy of life. It was like I suddenly learned how to breathe.

The religious interact on a daily basis with their interpretation of the world, and their preconceptions lead to very interesting results. I thought God had an active role in my life, but the whole time I was ignoring the full implications of my own actions which account for all that I observed. Religion teaches that you are nothing without God, but I say you do not realise your full potential until you realise that it has been you all along.

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No, nor as a non person and I did try several times.

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Despite what others think, you can know Christ as a man outside of religion. That is the best way to be a follower, I think. As a man he showed love to everybody he knew, everyone he saw. That is how we can make that connection. Show love to all men no matter their past, attitude, life choices, etc. Because, Christ did.

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The Messiah, like Jesus? Jesus is different than God, to me. Jesus was a person (probably, but who the fuck really knows). You can read about him from many mediums of which I am not very familiar.

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@Ivan…what makes you say that?

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I can relate to God as a person because he was a person here on this earth. That’s why he referred to himself as the “Son of Man”.....God in the flesh. Jesus is the ultimate role model. I know him as a person and I try to live as he lived.

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It’s not imporatant if, when, or how I know him. It’s how you know him.

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I believe that’s why Jesus came.So we can know what God is like as a person.God says you CAN’T know Him unless it’s by faith.I have a personal relationship with Him and am guided by Him through the Scriptures,circumstances,other believers,conscience and by prayer.

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To all that know him : could you ask him to return @PupnTaco‘s calls? It just seems so rude to me. wtf

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God is cool, stick with him kid. All that searching will just bring you back to the same ole place.

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You know Him though his own descriptions of Himself and His character, and the descriptions of Him by other prophets in the Bible.

Also see Proverbs 3:32, my experience and a study bible suggest that that means he makes you like a close friend.

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