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Best birthday gift (or other occasion) you received from your child?

Asked by zensky (13357points) December 16th, 2012

And how old was she?

I melt when they write me birthday cards. I save all of them like precious diamonds.

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To be told “I love you Mom” and hugged a genuine big hug.

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I know this doesn’t count in the same way, but as this is my first it’s all I have to offer!

I did the pregnancy test on my fella’s birthday, (one of the posh ones with a digital display and a cap to cover where I’d peed!) and gave it to him amongst his birthday presents… talk about shocked! It was his best birthday present though apparently, so to answer the question, existing is the best birthday gift we’ve received from our child!

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Jumped into a volcano. Good Riddance.

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Having them simply sing happy birthday is enough for me, pressies are quite nice too though.

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Their picture inside a hand made frame they made out of colored play dough.

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This year, I received an enormous gift from my children: tickets to the musical “Wicked.” We saw it recently, and it was spectacular.

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I got a comfortable saddle for my bicycle from my son. It was unusually thoughtful of him and I suspect it was his girlfriend’s idea. He was 29.

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Christmas 94 I cant remember. But I got rollerblades! It was awesome. I even then learned how to tie my shoes finally. I was 7 years old.

EDIT FLAG THIS. I mis read the question.

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I just had surgery.

When I was discharged, we went to pick up my 4 year old son from my friend’s house. They had made me a care package with soup, chamomile tea, honey, some homemade cookies (that E helped make), a few magazines, and flowers that E had picked from around the lake near her house. All topped off with a homemade card with band-aids and a big, sloppy “GET WELL SOON MAMA” in his darling preschool handwriting.

Best. Present. Ever.

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When my children were small and the oldest about 10 yrs old, they collected what little money that they had and had a photo with Santa at he mall ( all three jammed into one photo) for me as a Christmas gift from them.
I still have it. It was lovely thing of them to do.

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