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Do you care for animals ?

Asked by Highbrow (366points) December 16th, 2012

Helpless animals certainly need human beings to care for them. Are you a member of any organization which cares for animals ?

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I’m an animal lover and I do have a dog. I like cats but I’m allergic to them.
I’m not a member of an organization that cares for animals but I have adopted 3 dogs from the same rescue group, so in that way I feel I am supporting that group. I also donate to my local no kill animal shelter.
I don’t watch wildlife channels on TV.

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Yes, yes, yes, and if I see an injured animal i do what is needed to obtain care for it.
Yes, I am a former wildlife rehab volunteer specializing in waterfowl and belong to a waterfowl rescue sanctuary. I have had many animals of many species over my lifetime and currently I have 2 cats and a pair of Chinese geese.
My gander is 15 this year and I raised him from a 10 day old gosling.

He is extremely imprinted on me and I am mother goose. His 2nd mate is a rescue I have had for 4 years and she lost an eye to a fish hook after being dumped in a lake. Geese are very intelligent and sensitive creatures.

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@glacial Hmmmm., good work Watson! :-)

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Yes, my favorite charity on is an animal rescue facility. Every search I make using that site results in money donated to the charity.

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My daughter used to have some care bears…

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I’m not part of a group, but I love animals! I always wanted to volunteer in a shelter, but I can’t even walk into to one without crying. It’s a selfish reason not to help, but I just can’t do it.

Most of my pets are adopted, or they were found on the streets. They are spoiled rotten. Hell, my betta has a 29 gallon tank all to himself. So, in that way I do care for them.

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Definitely :) I love all sorts of critters, and dogs are great companions.

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My favourite charity is Battersea dogs home, which is where I found one of my current dogs, Zara. I send them money every month and try and do as much fundraising as possible (I’m hoping to climb Ben Nevis to raise money for them). It is my dream to work for Battersea or a charity similar one day.

I probably give more to animal charites than human charities.

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I love animals of all kinds and have 2 dogs and 2 birds currently. I am a member of a Parrott rescue group in my area.

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I ran over a squirrel yesterday. :-(

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I ran over a whale, it was a humpback bridge.

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@Coloma it’s a horrible feeling isn’t it?! I hit a pheasant not long ago and had to pull my car over because it made me cry!

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@Leanne1986 It is! There were 2 of them scampering around and I missed one, but the other dove right under my wheels. Boo Hoo!

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